Monday, September 05, 2005

letter to trinity: 2 months old

So I've decided to directly rip off's idea of posting monthly letters to her daughter on her blog.

I have already been writing to Trinity during the pregnancy, in the hopes that someday she will want to read what was happening in our lives, what we were thinking, feeling, doing, how she was developing, etc. I'm just going to make those letters available to my daughter via the internet, hopefully in perpetuity.

So here is the inaugural edition of the monthly letter to Trinity:

Dear Trinity,

This is the first in a series of letters that I will be writing to you. I intend to write you each month to update you on what has been happening in your life, what you have been doing, who you've met, etc.

Today you are 2 months old, and although the last 2 months have been the most hectic of my life (and certainly your Mom's), I know I can speak for both of us when I say that they have also been the most rewarding.

Since you've come into our lives, you have already changed so much.

You just came back from the doctor on Friday, and you've now hit over the eleven pound mark. You've been eating really well, and very often, so you aren't having any problems gaining weight. At that same doctor's visit, I'm sorry to say, you also got your first round of shots. It sounds like that could have been a lot more fun. I missed that appointment, but your Mom said that it was a pretty hard thing to watch.

Some days you look so much like your Mom its scary, but then the next day, I find that you look a lot like me. But most days, you are your own person. And you are such a beautiful little girl. I always used to think that babies all looked alike, and were mostly wrinkles and pink skin. But as I watch you change from day to day, as I watch your hair changing from the dark black you were born with to the chestnut brown it currently is, and your eyes deepen to the brilliant blue they currently are, I am amazed by what a unique, beautiful being you already are.

I love so may things about being with you:

I love the sounds you make sleeping as you lay on my shoulder, or in your bassinet, or in our bed beside your Mom and I. And every day it's new sounds with you. We sing and talk to you as often as we can, and you are already trying your best to replicate the noises you hear and see us making. You won't be doing any public speaking anytime soon, but you're already trying to communicate with us in a real verbal, non-crying way. Its just amazing.

I love that you have already shown us your beautiful smile. Your Mom uncovered it while playing with you after meal-time a few weeks ago. And contrary to popular opinion, it was not gas.

I love the way you look up at me when you bottle feed. That happens fairly rarely, as you are being breastfed most of the time. I know, ew, right? But every once in awhile, your Mom pumps a bottle, so I can have the opportunity to share in feeding you. In case you didn't know it (or won't admit it), she's a pretty cool Mom.

And I love that every once in awhile, I get to pick out the clothes you wear:

After all your Dad is a computer geek, although once you're old enough to understand that term, I think it will be a bit antiquated. But in the meantime, I love that you will be able to look back and see that you wore some cool clothes at such a young age.

I look forwad to seeing how much you change between now and next month's letter.




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