Tuesday, October 04, 2005

letter to trinity: 3 months old

Dear Trinity,

Today you are 3 months old, an age that many parents and child experts use as a developmental milestone.

You are many things now that you weren't even a month ago.

For one, you are a hell of a lot bigger. You weigh somewhere around 14 lbs now, making you almost double your birth weight. Your face has really filled out, and you now look like I always expected a real live baby to look, rather than the unbelievably tiny, vulnerable, fragile being that you had been to this point.

You are becoming more articulate every day, having had the eureka moment of discovering that those noises were indeed coming out of you, and that they could be replicated at will. So now, not often yet, but every once in awhile you will blurt out a string of coos and squeaks, sometimes laughing a little about it afterwards.

And man, can you laugh. Most of the time when you smile its a fleeting thing, as something else quickly takes your attention. Sometimes you flash us your toothless grin, sometimes you give us a shy smile as you turn your head away, as if you're being coy and hiding a secret from your Mom and I. But sometimes you let loose with this wild giggle that sends my heart racing. You really amaze me.

And just for the record, and despite what the terrible twos might do to my recollections of your early months, you are a fantastic baby. You wake up happy in the mornings, you rarely cry at all, you play often and with enthusiasm, and you look around the world with such fascination, drinking in everything you're exposed to with the eyes of the truly innocent. You are a real joy to be around.

You can also be really funny, and have decided to expose your personality to us in measured doses. On the rare occasions that you are unhappy, you like to express your displeasure with a short, no-nonsense series of grunts. 'Pick me up', 'Feed me', Change me', all with the air of someone who is used to getting her commands obeyed quickly and without question. And when you tell us to do something, as of right now, we listen immediately. Maybe that's the novelty not wearing off yet. I hope it never does.

So to celebrate the 3 month anniversary of your birth, we decided to take you to Niagara Falls this afternoon, so that you can say later that we took you to see something that people travel all over the world to look at. And if we still live here when you're older, you'll take them for granted just like everyone else here does. You slept through most of it, but you ended up having your lunch under some shady trees within about a hundred yards of the falls, so that was kind of cool.

I have to go cuddle my little girl now, but I'll write you again next month.




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