Saturday, November 05, 2005

letter to trinity: 4 months old

Dear Trinity,

Today you turned 4 months old.

Its amazing how quickly 4 months can go by. The last 4 months before you came, while wonderful (your Mom was an awesome pregnant woman - beautiful, happy, glowing) sometimes seemed never ending.

But the last 4 have gone by so fast I can hardly believe it.

You are really developing a personality these days. You laugh when you think something’s funny, which is most of the time. You let us know when you're unhappy less by means of crying and more by a kind of an irritated grunt: Just shows that even when you're pissed, you're already being polite about it.

You spent the longest time away from me this month when you went with your Mom to stay with your Grandparents for a few days. Hardest week I've had to do in a very long time, though its doubtful you noticed my absence.

You dressed up for Halloween this year as a pretty pink bunny. You really were very cute. We stayed home all night and handed out candy, and got a visit from a few of your friends.


I had to capitalize and exclamate that because that's just how elated your Mom and I were when it happened. If you set the first human foot on Mars later on in your life, I could hardly be prouder. Milestones can be so exciting.

I couldn't have foreseen just how comfortably you have ensconced yourself into our lives. All the time I/we spent before you came along seems like it was spent by someone else. Like life before you was fuzzy, indistinct. And now I have only to look at you and I can see clearly what's important, what matters.

Thanks for that.

Love Daddy