Wednesday, January 04, 2006

letter to trinity: 6 months old

Man who knew how fast 6 months could go by?


Well, I would say the first six months of parenting have gone a lot better than expected. You are funny and happy and you hardly ever cry. You sleep for almost 9 hours straight most nights, and I think you woke up for one early morning feeding this month. Not that any feedings have much to do with me, but I thought I'd mention it.

You can sit up on your own pretty well now, although you haven't yet found out how to balance yourself if you reach too far for something. And you still need an assist to sit up at all.

But man are you talking now. One day last week you discovered that you could make a kind of growling noise, and you spent the better part of the next two days growling through everything: changes, feedings, naps, etc. And every day since, you figure out new and interesting consonant sounds to add into the repertoire. It’s really fascinating to listen to.

You made it through your first Christmas and New Year's. And for a six month old baby, I'd say you did pretty well. You had a hand in opening many of your own presents, and you even managed to meet the big guy, thanks to a very cool Uncle.

Just FYI, some of your favourite presents from your first Christmas were a four key piano (from your Mom and me), a cartwheeling Tigger (from your Grandma Yemm) and a camcorder (from your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dino). I say that its yours because they got it for the fam to record all the fun stuff you do. And if you're old enough to read this you're probably old enough to roll your eyes at this point, as I'm sure I've trotted the DVDs out many times.

Don't worry. I plan to save the good stuff for your wedding.

I hope that the next six months are as much fun as the first.

Love Daddy.