Saturday, March 04, 2006

letter to trinity: 8 months old

Once again, we interrupt this blog's regular rantings about scifi, videogames, aliens and the occasional internet find to bring you the latest letter from a new Dad to his daughter. I continue to post these letters here, as it just seems wrong to set up a separate blog exclusively for writing letters to my little girl.

So without further adieu,

Dear Trinity,

Today you are now 8 months old. I woke up today to write this without being able to see you for the third day in a row. You have been visiting your grandparents with your Mom, much to my chagrin. I am on my way to see you today though, so I’ll get to hold my little girl again before the day is over.

You have had an exceptional month. You are now getting very good at crawling (still backwards, but Newton's first law says nothing about which direction the motion has to be in). Because of all this movement, we're in the process of converting the main floor of our house into a safe zone for you, complete with outlet covers, cupboard locks and baby gates. I even had to move my office upstairs to avoid any confrontations between you and all of my power cables.

You got your first tooth!

Without any indication from you at all, your first tooth appeared very unceremoniously about a week ago. Rest assured though that when we found it, there was more than enough ceremony to make up for your lapse. We called your Aunt Lisa over; we recorded some video of us making a GREAT BIG DEAL about it. And once you’re old enough to read about episodes like this, you will probably smile knowingly, realizing that this sort of embarrassing behaviour is in fact nothing new for your parents.

But it was a very cool moment.

As all moments pretty much are with you.

And yes, that is a videogame controler in your hand. For a few seconds at least, you were actually playing a game. It makes the old man proud.

Love Daddy


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