Wednesday, April 05, 2006

letter to trinity: 9 months old

Dear Trinity,

It is now official. You've been with us now longer than the nine months we waited for you. (Not counting the 10 years we waited to decide to have you.)

You had a few more major milestones over the last month: Your second tooth showed itself, with only a little bit more fanfare from you than the first one.

And you crawled forward for the first time! You've been crawling backwards for months now, and in fact we figured since you were so good at it, you would just go from backwards to a full walk. But the other day you purposefully crawled forwards to claim a toy that was just out of reach. And you were so delighted by the praise we both heaped on you.

With one exception, you keep right on loving the different foods we've been trying you out on. This past week you officially made the move to carnivore after trying your very first meat. Strained beef I think it was called. The pic below describes your feelings about this far better than I ever could.

I don't know how its possible, but somehow you keep getting more important to me, occupying my thoughts somewhere between often and all of the time. And the longer you are with us, the more you are capable of returning our affection; the bubbly laugh you give when we play or read together; the whoop you yell out when I come home from work; the hugs you give when we cuddle together.

There has been one big change in my life this past month that only indirectly affects you: I took a 'real' job away from home in order to give us a more steady income and to help facilitate your Mommy staying home with you permanently. I miss you both so much; I guess I got used to working from home and getting to see you at anytime during the day. But the look on your face the first day I came home from work made up for any amount of missing you I will ever experience. If I get to pick which things I will forget as I get older, that moment is the absolute last one on the list.

Talk to you next month,

Love Daddy