Friday, August 04, 2006

letter to trinity: 13 months old

Dear Trinity,

So here I am finally getting comfortable with the fact that you are already in your second year of life and then I have to deal with not seeing you for A WHOLE WEEK.

Your Mom and you stayed up north with your grandparents while I had to come home and work six 12 hour night shifts in a row. And yes, I do feel that italicizing was appropriate.

I won't see you yet until the end of next week, which seems an eternity right now.

I miss you both so much. You more, probably because I got to spend the last ten years of my life with your Mom, so even though it's no fun whatsoever, I can dine on those years until I see her.

But you; you change by the minute at this age. I'm afraid that when you get home next week you'll ask me to drop you off a few blocks from the mall so as not to be seen with your loser Dad.

Ok maybe it's not that bad. But it's close.

What have you done this past month?

Well, you took your first ride in a shopping cart, which you absolutely loved. Don't worry: your Mom and I went through about 30 baby wipes sterilizing the thing prior to putting you in it. You spent the entire shopping trip laughing and swinging your legs around like a crazy person. You take so much pleasure from the things that I would totally take for granted and are a constant reminder to me to enjoy every silly insignificant thing that I can. I try to take a look around for those things now because of you, so I don't miss them.

You swam for the first time, first in a public pool at home with your Mom and Aunt Lisa and I, and then in the lake at your grandparents with me. You love to swim!

You have been practicing walking too. You've now taken a few tentative steps on different occasions and when you fall into my arms each time I just melt.

So in case you ever go through these letters when I'm not around or you can't get in touch with me, I miss you all the time when I can't see you. And I keep loving you more and more every day.

And right now, I can't wait to see you next week.

Love Daddy