Thursday, September 07, 2006

letter to trinity: 14 months old

Dear Trin,

I'm writing this letter a few days late, and I can't say why I haven't found time to write this month yet. I spent my days off over the long weekend with you and your Mom, and it is hard to take time away from playing or reading a story or going to the park to write you a letter about the same.

So now before I crash for my day's sleep, I'll take the opportunity.

There have been some fun developments over the last month. You continue with the firsts: You're trying so many new foods that it really is hard to keep track. A few off the top of my head are broccoli, steak, mashed potatoes (which you love, btw). You also love to fling whatever it is you're working on in all directions. You really amuse yourself with that one.

You went on your first carousel ride this month. You went absolutely delirious riding that thing. I think the music kinda scared the crap out of you, but that was overshadowed by how much fun the lights, the movement, the horses were to you. You just latched on to Mom and rocked out the whole time.

You also tried out swings for the first time. Now we can't go by the park on our daily dog-walk without you trying to jettison yourself out of the stroller in an attempt to get yourself into one of the swings.

And that's another thing: You're vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds. Your version of swing sounds something like 'weeng', cheerios sound like 'cheer' and you have 'do' and 'des' for no and yes respectively. You have Mom down great, but you only trot that one out when you're very sad. You know, as you should, that Mom = Comfort/Safety/Love. Daddy, I'm happy to say, you've had down for a few months now. That will never get old for me.

You also have a new person in your life, as of sometime around 6:00 pm last night. Your Aunt had a little baby girl, and hopefully by the time you are old enough to read this, you've done a good job of befriending her and teaching her your unique view of the world.

Or of at least giving her some great ways to annoy her parents.

And here's a pic of my favourite part of my desk at work. If I ever get stressed out over an issue or bummed that I am not home half of the nights to put you to bed or read you a story, I look over at your pictures and remember what I'm working these crazy shifts for in the first place.

Love you lots,