Friday, October 06, 2006

letter to trinity: 15 months old

Dear Trinity,

This week you turned 15 months old, and what a fun month it has been.


Yup, that bears capitalization. And repeating: You are walking now. Not just giggling as you lurch around from couch to chair to parent, etc. As fun as that was, and exciting in what it meant was coming, this is so much better.

You walk everywhere, and rarely crawl at all anymore, unless we're playing. You walk all over the house, outside, pretty much everywhere we go nowadays. And if we try to confine you to your stroller, or a shopping cart, or even carry you? You go crazy trying to get those feet flat on the ground so you can get there under your own power.

You also got to spend some more time with your new cousin, and you seem to be coming around to the idea that this little person is somebody to get interested in. I hope that by the time you can read this, you two are the good buddies that all parents involved would like you to be.

What else? Well we got to take you out for your first 'real' dinner out. We've taken you with us to restaurants before, but we always brought you a little baby food for your dinner. This time you got to hit the kids menu (kids pasta in alfredo sauce) and between playing with your own bowl of pasta, swinging your balloon around, and lapping up the attention being lavished on you from these strangers called waiters, you had a very good time. It is something we will definitely have to do again soon.

I guess these letters are a little bit like me breaking the boundaries of space time, in that I am writing to you from your past to a future when you will be able to read them. I hope that in that future you can get an idea of just how loved you are and how much joy you bring to your Mom and I.

Love Daddy