Sunday, November 05, 2006

letter to trinity: 16 months old

Dear Trinity,

I've mentioned this before, but I imagine that there will be times when you read these letters and you are less than thrilled with me or with things that I have done. But as I was leaving for work tonight, you came up to me, nonchalantly threw your arms around me and gave me the best, tightest hug you've ever given me. And then you smiled, released me and toddled off to play with whatever happened to catch your eye. I think it was a Sesame Street book.

It was all I could do not to just break down and bawl right there. As it was, I barely got out to the car for the tears welling in my eyes.

So if, during any of the times that you might come across these letters and wonder how I felt about you, and if even the seemingly insignificantest things you did changed my perspective on the world, if only for a short time, know that they did. And yes, Daddy knows insignificantest is not a word, but sometimes you gotta make do.

You have had another busy month as far as the learning and the milestones go. I have lost track of the foods you eat now, and that's not because I'm working or sleeping half the time. I'd be better off to say what you don't eat because you pretty much try everything your Mom and I have. Your unquestioned favourites right now are Ice Cream (which sounds like 'Eyes Chee' coming from you at this point) and Pizza (which sounds surprisingly like Pizza).

You celebrated another Halloween with us at home again, this time by stopping whatever you were doing every time there was a knock at the door and running over to help me dole out candy. You loved ooing and ahhing over the different costumes. You also loved slamming the door on the departing trick-or-treaters and running in to the living room to await the next batch.

You did not, however love your costume. Or even like it. To be completely fair, you pretty much hated it, and screamed until we took it off you.

You have been learning a lot over the last month. Your vocabulary flat out astounds me. Not a day goes by that we don't try to introduce you to a new word that you are only happy to reproduce. And the really interesting part happens when you pull the word out of nowhere a few days later, and use it in context. By way of example, we can't go by the produce aisle at the grocery store without you demanding an apple.

You have picked up on some fun bathroom associations too. One of them is to march in behind me when I get up and want to brush your 'teef', which we both do. I find this one uproariously funny, watching you run around the bathroom as I sing Raffi's 'Brush Your Teeth' song. Another bathroom trick of yours is to watch with unmitigated fascination whenever your Mom or I sit down to do business in there. And as much as this one will likely aid in you mastering what goes on most often in bathrooms, I can't help but find this one even funnier.

We have begun getting ready for the winter, and as part of that, we have had to buy you some more winter gear, and try on what we already had for you. You look more than a little silly in your vastly oversized snowsuit that was supposed to fit you this season, but I have no doubt that you'll be nice and warm in it.

I am looking forward to introducing you to winter this year. Last year you were too new to take you anywhere but in and out of warm places as fast as we could get you through the cold. This year I plan on taking you to the park, possibly in a toboggan, teaching you to make snowmen (or women, or Elmos or whatever). It should be fun.

Speaking of Elmo, you have officially developed your first real childhood attachment: Your 'Say Your Name Elmo Doll'. In case you don't remember him, we plug him into a pc, and can configure him to say all kinds of things, songs, games, etc. But the cool part is the name, because when he says it in that high voice of his, it tickles you no end. And there's nowhere you don't want to bring him along. That means sleeping, strolling, reading a story, shopping, even bringing him into the tub. That last one has presented the only major problem with the attachment, but we're working around it. I foresee a time when we look for a bathtub 'Wetsuit Elmo', but that time isn't here yet.

Your Mom and I have had a lot of fun doing some early shopping for this coming xmas. Never having been the huge fan of christmas that your Mom is, I'm finding that I am more excited this year for it than I have ever been. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes when the time comes.

I love you,