Tuesday, December 05, 2006

letter to trinity: 17 months old

Dear Trinity,

Another month, another long period of absence from you that I had to suffer through. You and your Mom and I went up north to help out with your Grandpa, who is/has been recovering from major surgery. Alas, I had to come back home to work, so I ended up missing out on another week of the fun that is hanging out with you.

You learned a whole host of words again this month. You learned the hard 'K' sound and have been delighting in saying words like 'Book' and 'Milk'. You have begun to string words together in 2 word 'sentences', and some of those begin or end with the newly understood 'Please'.

You continue to be so much fun to be around. When I'm not with you and your Mom, you're pretty much all I think about. I love that you repeat Daddy over and over every time I walk into a room. Even rooms I just left seconds earlier. I will never get tired of that.

You are facing your first 'real' christmas this year. And by real, I mean a season that you are actually aware of. I don't know how aware you are going to be of the whole gift giving and unwrapping thing, but you can be certain that you know about the ridiculous amount of presents in our closet and that they are for you. You have been regularly pulling one of them out and playing with it if that door is left open for longer than a millisecond.

Now I wouldn't want you to think that everything is a party with you all the time. That wouldn't be fair to paint a picture of your childhood that omits the bumps that came up along the way. I'm sure you want an accurate picture of things right? The funny part though, is that even when it isn't a party, its still lots of fun.

The other day you decided that you were going to test your Dad by seeing how long I would let you get away with playing your newly invented game of 'Smash Something As Hard As You Can Against The TV'. While it was funny to watch you smashing first a book, then a DVD cover, then a picture frame against the TV screen, all the while knowing I was not going to let you continue with each object, it was also interesting to notice how you were purposely doing it not at all because you wanted to play that particular game, but because you wanted to push my buttons while doing it.

That game was probably a very telling foreshadowing of things to come.

I love you,