Monday, February 05, 2007

letter to trinity: 19 months old

Dear Trinity,

Today I look through the window at the cold winter inches away from me and all I can think is that I am grateful for our nice warm house. Its too bad that its not a little warmer out these days, because we have gotten dumped with so much more snow than we're used to in the last few weeks. Its just been too cold to have you out to play in it.

But that hasn't stopped you from wanting to wear your snowpants around the house all day, every day. And when we try to convince you that maybe it'd be better if you'd take the snowpants off, well let's just say that you let us know what a bad idea you think that is. Very vocally. No problem with your voice whatsoever.

It's been a pretty uneventful month around our house. I went away for 4 days to Las Vegas for a technology convention, and other than costing us money we really didn't have, it taught me that I never, ever want to go away without you and your Mom with me. I spent any free moments I had on the trip wishing you guys could have been there. Not necessarily in Vegas, you understand. Just away from the house on vacation together.

We've had a few things break on us this month, probably as a test the universe decided to throw at me for being such an anti-handyman. First our microwave and then our furnace. The replacement microwave had to be put together a bit before being installed and you were good enough to help me out in that department. By the time we were finished you knew words like screw and drill and were more than happy to tell me to do either as I grunted the thing into place and finally got it working. It kept my mind off the idea that I was going to hit a wire and short out the whole house.

You got to enjoy your first bonafide night of drinking and the corresponding hangover this month. I went out with a friend while you and Mommy kept my friend's girlfriend company, and on the way home I decided I needed a drunken fast food fix. You obligingly woke up the second we walked into the house and proceeded to scarf half of my cheeseburger and fries and stayed up with me until 2 am. And then first thing in the morning, you saw me in my sorry condition and rather than give me a hard time about it, you climbed onto the couch with me and hung out until I felt better. Good times.

You continue to vex your Mommy and me with your inability to sleep in your crib for any length of time. You flat out refuse to go to sleep in it, so we continue to wait until you're asleep, and then sneak you into your crib. And the instant you wake up, its back in our bed for the rest of the night. So to save our sanity and hopefully restore some semblance of normalcy your Mom and I are flirting with the idea of graduating you to a toddler bed. The problem is that your Mom and I are debating the bed to get you. I want a pink rocket ship, your Mom wants either a princess bed or a racecar. Either way it'll have to be big enough to fit at least one of us in it, because I don't see you giving up sleeping with us so easily. We'll see how that goes.

Over the next month I am expecting it to be mostly about being indoors with few outings, because its supposed to stay cold for quite some time, but I'm sure we'll find some fun things to keep winter at bay.

See you next month,

Love Daddy


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