Sunday, March 04, 2007

letter to trinity: 20 months

Dear Trinity,

In only four months you are going to be 2 years old already. Even though I am constantly struggling to be in the moment with you as much of the time as I can, I still cannot believe how fast you are growing up. When I wonder if it will always be like this, with the months and years sliding by at breakneck speed while I helplessly try to hang on to each moment with you I seriously have a hard time keeping from crying. Sometimes I win that battle, sometimes I don't. I honestly don't understand how people with their kids growing up around them manage to go through life without completely falling apart all the time. Maybe it gets easier?

This past month has scene a quantum leap in your vocabulary. Before now, you could string 2 or even three words together, mostly at random, and you would often imitate the words you heard coming from the people around you. Now, you are using short sentences, knowing the meaning of the content, and every word or phrase that you hear from us you parrot right back at us. My days of swearing are no longer numbered: They are over, unless I want you cussing like a tank-driver.

You have learned to sing a new song this month. 'Twinkle, Twinkle' sounds better coming from you than I've ever heard it, even if we sing the majority and you fill in the gaps we leave for you. And you are so proud of yourself when we finish singing a song or dancing a dance. You love being validated by us, and truth be told, its one of the highlights of my life too.

I took the opportunity to teach you a few gems this month that your Mom is pretty exasperated about. One of them is how to do a Silly Walk, after we watched an old Monty Python sketch about a guy applying for a permit for his ridiculous walk from The Ministry of Silly Walks. Really funny bit, by the way. In the skit, the applicant gets turned down, but I think yours would get approved right away.

You are getting to be quite the artist as well, pulling your Mom or I (or anyone else handy for that matter) down on the floor to colour with you. Colouring usually means you directing us to colour your favourite Sesame Street pal in between nibbles of red -violet.

We took you to see the indoor exhibit at The Butterfly Conservatory this past month, and as good a time as can be had in 40 degrees C and 100% humidity was had by all. You delighted to see the Butterflies flit about, but I think you might have been more interested in the other animals there, going so far as to point out and name the turtles for us. Watching you giggle as you tried to reach out and touch the butterflies as they flew by us was the highlight of that day.

And in spite of my prediction last month that February would be an exclusively indoor month we did manage to get you outside a few times, when it wasn't so cold. We got more than enough snow to make up for the poor showing that this winter had given Southern Ontario to this point. So even though your Mom and I experienced sore muscles and a strong desire to move to warmer climates from all the shovelling we had to do, we also got to help you build your first snowman. That made it all worth it.

One last thing before I go. In case you didn't know, or I have changed my interests by the time you can understand this, your Daddy is a bit of a comics geek. In particular my favourite superhero has always been Superman (followed closely by Green Lantern, Spiderman, etc, but they're not important to this story). Your Mom got me a pair of Superman PJs for christmas this year and because you are familiar with the character from seeing my Superman comics and movies lying around the house, as well as your favourite Dora episode starring 'Supermap', you were already familiar with the character. So the first time I put on my PJs and walked into the room wearing them, your eyes lit up and you yelled 'SuperDad'. And upon seeing how pleased I was with your new name for me, you decided that it is the thing to say whenever you see me wearing them.

Superdad. What else is there to say?

See you next month,

Love Daddy