Thursday, April 05, 2007

letter to trinity: 21 months

Dear Trinity,

This past month with you has been busier than most lately, largely because your Mom and I didn't think we had been exposing you to enough different things. So we took you on as many different adventures as we could think of.

First, we took you to a local Sugar Shack, where they tap and make Maple Syrup, among other things. You tried your first taffy on snow. And you absolutely loved it. The folk singers and the maple woodcut branding you could clearly do without, but you and the taffy got along just fine.

We took you to your first waterpark and that went over better than I could have imagined. If we had the money, we would right now be installing a waterslide at home. You spent the whole time there either running through the kid's pool or laughing your way down the slide. It was a lot of fun for all of us.

We went on a few road trips this month too. We visited your Aunt Becky at her place in London. I don't know what she'll be doing with her life by the time you're old enough to read this, but as of right now she's finishing her massage therapy training. And just in case you're wondering, the free massages have been very few and far between indeed. We also managed to visit my Mom on the same trip. And since that visit wasn't a long one, it was manageable.

And not all of our visiting this month was done at other people's houses. My Dad came to visit us and so did your Mom's parents. Whew. I think the next time we see so many people in one month I'll just tell you who didn't squeak in a visit. Suffice it to say that not one of our visitors wanted to see me or your Mom. You are a very loved little girl.

I ended up getting some pretty good news related to my job this month. I got a better contract at my tech support job, and subsequently I went on an online shopping binge. Your new Super Pal Spider Man doll was just one of the fruits of that labour.

Hearing you sing 'Spidey-Man' is awesome, and totally worth it, but I'll try to keep my spending to a minimum next month so we can continue to afford the other stuff like food, diapers, clothes.

Love Daddy