Sunday, May 06, 2007

letter to trinity: 22 months

Dear Trinity,

Once again I am writing you a letter while you are visiting your grandparents with your Mommy. I'm starting to think that at some point it might be prudent to just move the whole team up there and start saving on all those travel costs.

I miss you and your Mom a lot, but we figured that since I am in a part of my current schedule at work where I'm either at the office or sleeping, it was a good time for your Mom to take you to see your grandparents.

This past month has seen the last dregs of cold weather swept away and replaced with the kind of warm spring that we spend every winter waiting expectantly for. And we have been taking advantage of it. We have been spending plenty of time outdoors, with you on your big wheel, taking you to the park, just going for walks. It's been really nice, and it bodes well for the coming summer.

Now that we can start making plans for the summer, I am looking forward to picnics, trips to the beach (but we'll skip the swim in the polluted Great Lake), and playing in our soon-to-be-redone backyard. We're hoping to get you a little playground with a swing and a slide once we redo the lawn back there.

One of the fun things that we did with you this past month was introduce you to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Yeah, your Mom and I are atheists, but that isn't stopping us from having fun with all of the holidays we can throw at you. You loved the Easter Egg Hunt, but not nearly as much as you loved eating the chocolate that you found was inside them.

This last pic is one I had your Mom take of you as I was driving you both to your Mom's friend Joanne's place before she was to bring you up to your Grandparents place. I have been looking at it every few minutes since.

Can't wait to see you again.

Love Daddy