Tuesday, June 05, 2007

letter to trinity: 23 months

Dear Trinity,

Wow, what a month this has been. This month, your Mom and I were beginning to think that our little family unit had outgrown our house and started to look around local neighborhoods for some bigger digs. It was during this search that I turned to your Mom and asked why we looking in this area at all, and why we weren't planning a move to our old home town, where we have always planned to get back to someday.

So we switched gears and began the process of thinking about moving back to Northern Ontario. I asked for a transfer at my job. I got one. We listed our house, thinking it would take a long time to sell. It didn't. It was sold for more than we'd asked in less than 24 hours. We met with a builder up north to find out whether we could get something built within the next year. We'll be living in our new house this October. Crazy.

As I sit in the backyard of our current home now, and reflect on what new has taken place with you specifically over the last month, I find it impossible not to reflect on the last 2 years, as your 2nd birthday is now only a few weeks away.

You spent a lot of time up north with your mom and grandparents this past month, while we were pursuing the aforementioned move. You got to swim in the lake again, and play on the beach. You have become really excellent at shovelling and flinging sand. One could even say that it is your thing.

While up north you got to play a lot, and it turns out that you are a big fan of dandelions. You'll pick a bunch and give them to whoever is handy. Your Mom, Aunt Beck, Grandma, me. Its touching when you do it, because its a way for you to feel like you're doing something nice for one of the many people you love so much.

Your Mom also took you to Dairy Queen for the first time. I am so glad that she had the presence of mind to take a picture for me. Looks like you had a good time.

And in a move that I couldn't be happier about, it seems that you might, at least partially, be taking after the old man. I introduced you to (the kid-friendly parts of) YouTube this month, and every single time I open my laptop, you demand that we watch 'The Princess and the Elephant' starring Elmo. Most times I acquiesce. When I don't you sometimes take matters into your own hands.

Two new things that you have taken a recent likely to are bathwater and ketchup, both of which we find both hilarious and baffling. The ketchup does not necessarily need to be on anything; if we put a big old plate of the stuff in front of you, you'll tuck into it like we've just served you the best thing ever. The bathwater stems directly from us telling you not to drink it, and our protestations only cause you to guzzle the stuff faster.

As we did a few times last summer, we took you to the drive-in last week. Brought your Elmo chair and everything. You had so much fun. The only real problem was when it came time to leave, you couldn't get why we wouldn't just start Shrek 3 over again. So there were some obligatory tears. But you get over things like that pretty quick.

Hmm, what else? Just today I built you a cottage. Built is probably a strong word. I put a plastic prefab play sized cottage together for you today. That's probably closer to the truth. But it is awesome. You picked it out a few weeks ago and today your Mom and I picked it up and I set it up for you. I hope that watching you hollering out the windows never gets old, because its really funny to watch.

I'm not sure what else there is to tell you. We're not sure where we'll be having your birthday, because we don't really know where we'll be, or what city we'll be living in. Its kind of fun to live with uncertainty, though I don't highly recommend it for extended periods of time. I am really looking forward to your birthday though. I have something special in mind wherever we happen to be.

Cya next month.



By the way, in case Future You ever wonders what you might have looked like when you had to get up at 5:30 am and drive Daddy to work, wonder no longer: