Sunday, July 08, 2007

letter to trinity: 2 years

Dear Trinity,

Well, two whole years with you has come and gone.

Its been quite the ride so far. Now, normally I extoll all of the good things about having you with us, and I'll be doing a bunch of that in a moment, but because of the lack of sleep I'm going on right now, I've decided that I don't want you to think that its all one big party. So I'll try to include the odd note about what new method you've devised of keeping us up at night, or a story about a recent tantrum, if for nothing else than juxtaposition to all the fun you enrich our lives with.

You had a really fun time at your second birthday party. We were still living in Southern Ontario at the time (still are as of this moment in fact), but we had your party at your Grandparents place up north. As is typical for a party at that location, pretty much everyone there was drinking and making a more adult party of things. But it was a lot of fun. You got so many presents that even you were overwhelmed opening them, and you got very quiet (and seemingly frightened) when the whole posse of forty or so people regaled you with a Happy Birthday song.

But you're a trooper so after only a few seconds of shock, you blew out your candles and ripped into one awesome cake.

Some of your favourites out of the many, many presents that you received this year are your Darth Tater, your Baby Elmo, and your Dora sleeping bag. I am still awating the arrival of the one birthday present that your Mom doesn't yet know about, even though its going on a week late now. I had the first 2 years worth of letters that I have written here for you made into a book, and I have hopes that it might survive long enough to see the next 2 year volume. I kind of expect it not to last much past the first day with you, but we'll see how it goes.

You really are becoming such a smart, polite little girl. You recently picked up the please and thankyou's and because you get off on us lavishing praise on you, you tend to say them as often as you can. Especially when you're having one of those afforementioned tantrums, in the hopes that the please will win the day. As in you belting out at the top of your lungs 'PLEASE can I have that toy/read one more story/have some ice cream?!?' whilst writhing on the floor and flailing your arms. It never works, but you have yet to discover that fact for yourself.

One of the more cuter of your recent catchprases is 'take a little drive?'. Its a question you put to us usually after taking a long-to-longish drive already and are approaching or are back in the driveway. It hasn't gotten old yet, because you hardly ever get upset about that one, and when you ask its usually in a sad 'why can't I' kind of voice. Unfortunately for your Mom and I, that one usually works every single time. We expect you to pick up on that one any day now.

You do love to be out and about these days. You like to make friends wherever you go, and you don't seem to be bound by whether those friends are people, animals, or mannequins. I like that you don't discriminate. I also expect a big cheque from Old Navy for the cuteness factor of my daughter holding hands with one of their mannequins.

You love being outside too, either running around in the back yard, walking the dog (albeit a little slower than our Husky might like), playing at the park, or riding in your Grandpa's boat. That last one you really like.

You have grown and changed so fast over these last two years that even though I am constantly trying to keep myself aware of each moment, I can feel each one sliding by at light speed with little for me to do but document them here in the hopes that you will someday appreciate how loved you are. I hope that I am fortunate enough to be able to continue to be with you, and subsequently, to write these letters to you for at least another 2 wonderful years.

I love you,