Wednesday, August 08, 2007

letter to trinity: 25 months

Dear Trinity,

It's been a big month for our family. We packed up our house, said goodbye to Southern Ontario, and moved the gang back up to where the air is cleaner and the Tim Horton's aren't everywhere just yet.

Our lives are in a particular state or limbo right now. I have yet to start my new position at work, the house we're having built hasn't been started yet, the majority of our belongings are being stored in a family member's ice shacks, and we are living with your Mom's parents. Things have been more stable for us at other points of our lives. But who wants stability anyway, right?

You have been a real trooper throughout the move though. You seemingly couldn't care less about leaving our house behind and moving in with your Grandma and Grandpa. You love living at their place on the lake; so much so in fact that I am more than a little concerned that the next move may not go quite so smoothly. But we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

You finally received the book I had made for you composed of the first 2 years of these letters I have been writing you. Instead of destroying the thing as I had anticipated, you took one quick glance at it, gave it a 'Meh', and moved right on to something else. I was able to hide my disappointment. But not by much.

We've had a few firsts, your Mom and I. As ridiculous as it is to say this, your Mom and I had our first real date in over two years this past month. One of the really lousy things about living down south is that we had no one close at hand to look after you so your Mom and I could spend some time together. We went to a Police concert while your Grandma stayed at our house with you for the evening. Turns out we still really like each other, so that was fun to find out.

You have been really fun this past month, especially since getting up at your Grandparents' place. You love to swim and play on the beach. You're not a huge fan of wearing the life jacket, but once you've had it on for a few minutes, you get over it. Maybe we're too over protective, but being so near the water with you has put me within only a hair's breadth of having a panic attack at any given moment. The life jacket helps, but only a little.

You have really cultivated a great laugh in the last few weeks. You still have your characteristic chuckle, but now when you find something really funny, you let out this awesome belly laugh. And even if the reason for your laugh wouldn't otherwise be funny to me (say for example, you just dumped a bowl of cheerios on the floor) I can't help but laugh along with you when I hear you go. You particularly found my dressing up as a pirate amusing. Every time I'd give you a 'Yarr!' you'd be in hysterics. I can only hope that I continue to amuse you for a long time to come.

Hmm, what else? We have been trying to take full advantage of this summer's corn crop by getting fresh corn every other night for dinner, and in so doing we have discovered one of your all time favourite foods. You go nuts for the stuff. Its really funny to watch you go to town on it.

Its a weird time for us all Trin; I don't know that I used to care much about feeling disconnected from normalcy before you came along (in fact I have always prided myself on NOT being normal), but now that you're the driving force of our lives, I find I am really looking forward to getting into our new place, being amongst our own things, getting a routine again. Yikes I think I just realized that 32 is a lot older than I thought it was. Well, at least you know what your old man was doing when he really felt his age for the first time.

But old or not, I wouldn't change one single event in my life, good or bad, because the myriad paths my life has taken has led me to moments like this, with you playing peekaboo with me from within your sleeping bag:

I love you,