Monday, November 05, 2007

letter to trinity: 28 months

Dear Trinity,

Another month, another month that we are still homeless. Even you are getting anxious to get into your own space. Every time we go over to the house you tear down the hall to go check out what (if anything) might have changed in your room and you throw a fit when it is time to leave. And not just any fit. The kind of fit that you lately only reserve for the real freakouts, like when we go shopping and it looks like you aren't going to be getting a treat. Or when we drive past (and do not stop at) a McDonald's. Or when it is time to leave the park.

Man, can you yell. I don't raise my voice very often; I have been always been more the whiny, moody angry type. And your Mom is more of the quiet grudgy angry variety. So we don't know where the screaming comes from. Personally I think it comes from watching your Grandpa in action, because that guy can yell and slam doors with the best of them. Maybe not the finest example of things you're learning while living with your Grandparents, but there it is.

But its not all unfinished houses and door slamming. You have been really fun to hang out with lately. The different facets of your burgeoning new personality come out more and more all the time. For example, seemingly out of nowhere you have decided to proclaim yourself your Uncle's personal champion. He is still banged up pretty bad, the worst of it being his leg slowly healing up, and you have decided to take it on yourself to defend him from any perceived wrongdoing, even from your Mom and I. If someone sits on his couch, even if he isn't coming back for awhile, you pull them out of it. If someone moves his glass, even to refill it, they get a 'That's Uncle Dave's!' for their trouble. It is really funny to watch.

This month has seen the introduction of my two so far favourite phrases from you. The first, 'I love you so much' melts me about as fast as an ice cube might when tossed into the sun. You usually accompany this gem with a huge hug, some kisses, and a nosy thrown in for measure. A nosy being rubbing our noses together and saying 'Nosy, nosy, nosy'. And you do this on your own, without provocation, when you feel the need to communicate how you feel about us. Its awesome.

The other new favourite phrase is this: 'You wanna watch Spaceballs dad?' Inexplicably, this movie fascinates you. It does happen to be one of my all time favourites, and I count among my skills the ability to quote any line from any scene from memory. But I haven't pushed this on you one bit. I think the only time I have ever watched it with you at all was one time waaaaaay back during the first few weeks after you were born and you hadn't yet started sleeping through the night. And that couldn't have been less than 2 years ago. Maybe its the image of Dark Helmet that gets you so. It is pretty funny. Either way, you love this movie, and because of that aforementioned skill about knowing every scene in the movie, I can skip past the parts I deem inappropriate and you and I can watch a good father-daughter movie together. And eat popcorn, let's not forget that part.

Another thing that you are getting into, and this can only be attributed to my interest in comics, is superheroes. You love going through the issues that I am okay with you tearing to shreds and you can name most of the DC Universe now. How many other 2 year olds can do that? The only complaint I would have is that I am now noticing how male centered the superhero genre is. I have tried to find you some girl superhero pjs or play costumes, and its almost impossible. I finally settled on a pair of Spider-Man pjs, and have just taken to calling you Spidey or Spider-Girl, which you love.

Our major highlight from this past month was definitely taking you out for your first Halloween. That was so much fun for everyone. You had a few different outfits to choose from, and you ended up settling on a lion. So cute. And safe? I can’t imagine a safer why to spend Halloween than having your Mom and Dad drive you to every house (you went to 4 total), walk you up to the door and then drive you to the next one. You said Trick or Treat at each stop and you also thanked the candy givers each time.

Next year, I think we might try out one of those mall things, where we sign you up and you go around to the participating retailers to get your goodies. Still as safe, not quite as much fun, but you’re certain to get a ridiculous amount of candy in the process. And that is likely to matter more as the years go by.

I think next year I am going to dress up too. No point in you having all the fun. Maybe we can go as some kind of father daughter team. Although now that I think of it, none really come to mind. Well, I have a year to think about it.

Talk to you next month.