Wednesday, December 05, 2007

letter to trinity: 29 months

Dear Trinity,

It's been a big month for the family. We finally moved into our new house a few weeks ago, after what seemed an interminable wait. I love your grandparents a lot, but living with anyone who isn't your immediate family for any length of time can be hard even under the best of circumstances. They were gracious and generous, but not having your own space can always cause friction. And I am sure that your Dad was no picnic for them either.

You love the new place, and that has made your Mom and I a little less anxious. With moving you from the only place you've ever lived into your grandparents, then into another place again, we were worried you wouldn't take well to it. But we forgot what a trooper you are. You love your new room, you moved from a crib to a bed in one night, and you pretty much want to spend all of your time in your room, playing with newly rediscovered toys. Maybe the fact that you have a room again is part of it.

One of the benefits (and downfalls) of living up north is all the snow up here. You love it, and you love getting either pulled on your sled in the snow, or pulling it along yourself. Shovelling it and driving in it are different matters, but so long as you're happy, who am I to complain?

Another christmas is coming soon, and you are totally jazzed about that. There are some things that I am not a big fan of with the holiday, but I don't want to ruin the fun that goes along with knowing that some things aren't what you think they are. You'll find that out all on your own, over and over, without my help. You helped your Mom and I decorate the tree and that was a lot of fun. You went right for the Darth Vader ornament, so its not all bad at all.

We got a surprise visit from your Aunt and cousin last week and you had a great time of it. You got to visit and play with your cousin who you hadn't seen since the early part of the summer. She is just over a year old, and cries a lot, and its almost funny how we all forgot how things were with you at that age. Almost. Of course, you have your own idiosyncrasies at this age; throwing things, screaming, tantrums being the most fun on the list. But its so different when its
someone else's child doing anything negative, even if its my sisters. I love my little niece to bits though, and I do hope that you and her get to be close as you are growing up. Of course, the next time they come up, they could leave the nasty cold that they gave all of us at home.

I can't wait until the next time I have a chunk of time off from work again so we can spend more time together. I envy your Mom a fair bit these days, as she gets to hang out in our new place with you all the time. But even though I have to work a lot of the time, its totally worth it. I get to make sure that my two favourite people are happy. And that's pretty much all that matters.