Saturday, December 06, 2008

letter to trinity: 41 months

Dear Trinity,

Another big month in the bathroom! Just a few weeks after you began using the potty for peeing, you woke up one night and used the toilet for that other thing people do on it. We were so proud of you. It hasn't been repeated yet, but we know it will, and we are so happy. Nice to get you feeling independent.

Speaking of Independence however, you really are starting to assert yourself more these days, and sometimes no in the ways that we would necessarily want you to. You have begun to seriously rail against bedtime, no matter how late it might be or how busy your day has been. I don't think that it has anything to do with not sleeping well, because once you're asleep you usually wake up only to call Mom in to sleep with you. No apparent bad dreams or anything. You just (like me) would rather not have to sleep at all it seems. I can't really say too much as I typically stay up until I can't keep my eyes open myself. I figure I'll get plenty of rest when I'm dead. You might not quite have the philosophical bent yet that I do, but the roots of it appear to be there nonetheless.

And finally you are starting to really miss me again when I am not around. Took awhile, because lately you've been wanting Mommy around all the time, even when I am home from work. But I have been continuing to spend some time every Saturday with just you and I, and now you want most days to be Saturday. Last night you enthusiastically asked me 'You don't have to work tomorrow?' and without waiting for a response, promptly went over to your Mom and told her to go shopping and very nicely asked her not to be home when you woke up. It might have been sad for your Mom, but it was both funny and a nice moment for me. Too bad you asked it on a Tuesday night.

Love you,


Thursday, November 06, 2008

letter to trinity: 40 months

Dear Trin,

Big news, at least from our perspective: You have made the move, in one day, from diapers to the potty. Certainly we had encouraged you to try peeing on the potty before, but because you have always had a few, er, issues with bowel movements, we always figured that you would let us know when you were ready. And you did.

After we had talked to you a bit about it last month, your Mom just asked one day last week if you wanted to give it another try, and you haven't had a diaper on since. I quit smoking the exact same way, come to think of it. But I digress. We were both SO proud of you, and continue to lavish you with praise, and a unique sugar free bubblegum-based reward system each success you have. Certainly there have been, and will continue to be accidents along the way, for a long time to come, I am sure. But its a big thing, and we are very happy that you did this one when you were ready and not when we were. Although, I am not looking forward to the first long road trip we take, but I don't have one planned for awhile so I'm not too worried about that.

You and I have started a weekly hang out on Saturday mornings, another of the good things about working a regular job. So we send your Mom out shopping or something, and we've been spending the bulk of our Saturdays playing, puttering with some small task around the house, watching movies, reading stories, etc. I love it. You and I do get to spend a lot of time together already, but we don't get time when its just you and I, as your Mom is usually hanging out with us too.

You have been playing some really interesting games lately. As far as I know you made them up on your own too. One of them is where you say freeze, and instead of simply stopping in place, you want us to assume some ridiculous position and then freeze. You participate though, so that's kept if from getting old. And you also made up this game where you lay down pretending to sleep, and then need one of us to give you a true love's kiss to wake you. That one can be pretty funny, because you are usually laughing the whole time.

And the other day, you had Mommy call me at work and the first thing you said to me was 'Mommy doesn't know how to work your laptop', this in reference to you guys attempting to stream a movie I downloaded for you. I had a good laugh at my desk over that one. I got a few looks, but I really don't worry too much about that sort of thing.

And one last note of interest: The family of deer that have been living pretty much in our backyard contintue to fascinate you. The things are so tame now that even when they know we are watching them eat the grass in our backyard, you squealing and cheering them on, they just keep on with the meal as if nothing was going on. Its really cute.

See you next month.



Sunday, October 05, 2008

letter to trinity: 39 months

Dear Trinity,

Well I have been at the day job for just over a month now, and it has indeed changed things quite a bit. I see you a lot more regularly, even though it has also meant that I don't get to get long stretches of time in a row with you any more. One thing that drives me nuts is that you still don't quite have the schedule down, so you ask me every day (no matter whether I have been working or if I am off) and ask me 'You don't have to work tomorrow?'. It would be nice if I could say that I don't as often as I used to be able to. But it has made things a little more normal feeling. You and I play every night when I get home, and at least now you don't have to wonder where I am at night or why I am sleeping all day when you want me to get up and spend time with you.

So what's new? Your mom got you signed up for gymnastics, beginning next week. I can't imagine that your excitement level will ever approach that of your Mom and I, but it's kind of close. We are just excited to see you get into something that will let you utilize the boundless energy reserves you have. Have I mentioned in these letters yet that you haven't been a regular napper since you were about 6 months old, maybe even younger? So we are going to try to get you into stuff that accommodates you, and gives you some focus.

We have been finally getting around to talking to you about potty training. We haven't really started pushing you yet, because honestly, we aren't going to be the real 'pushy' kind of parents. You don't want to use the toilet yet? No big deal, you will eventually. But it's one of those things that's out there now, so we'll see how it goes.

You have decided that your Mom is your all-time best friend again. There was a period over this past summer that you spent being really mad at her, we think because she was working a few days a week while I was off with you. Now that she is back at home with you all the time again, you seem to have forgotten why you were angry and now she can't leave the house without you attached to her. Its awesome for your Mom, but not so great for me. I had been hoping to start spending Saturdays just the two of us, but when I tried to take you out with me this morning, you went nuts demanding that Mommy come with us. So we got in a little family time, and it was still fun. But it wasn't what I had been going for.

You have seemed to calm down a bit lately too, thankfully. There have been fewer of your crazy throwing things tantrums as there were in recent months. But you have now picked up the fun little habit of spitting in the most inappropriate places. On our couch, in a restaurant, on us. Not sure what that is about, but its a weird one. But I guess if that's the worst thing you're doing, we should count ourselves lucky.

You are going to get to go over to a house belonging to a friend of mine with your Mom and I tomorrow, and that should be interesting. They have two little girls close to your age, but they are French and don't speak much English as far I know. Be neat to see how you handle that one, not having ever heard a French word in your whole life up til now.

And you like to be scared now. You will ask us to rewind any even mildly tense part of a movie or show that you are watching just so you can delight in squealing in fear and running over to one of us for support. And just so you know, I am not talking about anything actually scary; maybe its the part of an episode of Franklin where the little turtle learns to confront his fears of his cellar. Things like that.

Anyway, not much else to tell you I guess. Life is great with you, even when you are trying the last vestiges of my admittedly thin patience. I love how sweet and polite you are, and I love the little baby voice you have taken to use when you are feeling shy or insecure.

Talk to you next month,

Love Daddy

Sunday, September 07, 2008

letter to trinity: 38 months

Dear Trinity, 

Well, what has changed since last time we talked in these little one-way chats we have? Not as much as in some months. Summer has pretty much wound down, although considering what a wet summer it was, I am not really sure that it ever properly started.

When it wasn't raining and I wasn't either working or sleeping (thank you shift work!), we tried to take advantage of things as best we could. We took you to the beach across the road a lot, and did the local parks whenever we happened to be (or intentionally were going to be) driving by.

When it was raining we had as much indoor fun as we could, and we tried to get creative where possible. We did puzzles, painted, coloured, danced, sang, and after we were all tired, we did resort to the odd movie or Sesame Street break. We even had you try out Rock Band at your Uncle Dave's house. At this point, I don't have any competition from you, but you do have plenty of time to get better.  

We took you to Santa's Village a few weeks ago, and in spite of the little voice that starts nagging at the back of my head whenever the subject of encouraging the belief in that particular imaginary friend comes up, we had a great time. The first thing you and I did upon getting to the park was to try out the biggest ride there, a roller-coaster, which while I thought you would be scared out of your mind of, instead you loved and wanted to go on repeatedly. I think after the fourth time through (and each ride going through a complete circuit twice) I was a lot closer to being tired of it than you were. You got your face painted, and sang in an audience participation singalong that we tried to get pics of, but you seemed to be a lot keener  in just dancing and rocking out with the rest of the kids.

I have been really lucky in the last few weeks in that your Mom has been working a fair bit for one of the local camps cleaning cottages, so you and I have been getting a lot of time together. You  have been using the unpleasant (and to you, seemingly hilarious) phrase that I have been babysitting you, instead of just spending time with you. But maybe that's what I get for being the parent that comes and goes on a near daily basis. But either way, we have been getting to spend lots of time together, most of it good. You are pushing your boundaries a lot lately, so there have been a few more time-outs than I would care for. You chafe whenever we ask you not to do something that you know you shouldn't (climb the furniture, throw things, punch us) and that usually means that you do more of whatever it was that we asked you to stop doing. So that part of our time together isn't as much fun as it could be. But for the most part, we still have a good time.

As always, talk to you next month, 

Love Daddy

Friday, August 08, 2008

letter to trinity: 37 months

Dear Trinity,

This has been a pretty exciting summer for you so far.

You have gotten to enjoy the best parts of living in a quiet lakefront town, namely the beach across the street and the one at your grand parent's place. We have spent a lot of time at both, teaching you to swim, catching (or chasing) minnows, taking you out in the canoe, having picnics, feeding the local ducks.

Your days are usually filled with playing outside, or at the park, or going on little adventures with your Mom and I. You got to have a visit with my Mom, and that was fun, and short, though she disappointingly spent little time with you while she was visiting. Disappointing because you were so excited to see her, and if you're going to drive seven hours, it stands to reason that you might want to get in as much grand daughter time as you could. At least that would be my point of view.

You have pretty much decided that, at least for now, bedtimes are all about Daddy. You want me to be the one to read your stories to you, and tuck you in, and fall asleep with you. In the past this one was exclusively your Mom's domain unless I forced the issue. So even though I think she is a little hurt by it, I get a lot of pleasure from knowing how safe you feel with me, and how you want to be comforted and nurtured by me. You often talk yourself to sleep at night, and a few nights ago, you woke yourself up from the brink of nodding off to tell me that I was your best friend, and to give me another hug and kiss. You were sleeping soundly moments later, and didn't notice that I had a little cry about that.

Speaking of sleep, you had you very first sleepover away from both your Mom and I last night. We have been hinting to your Grandma that we would be okay with it for awhile now, but she only took us up on it this week. You had a blast, or at least you told us you did. The two of you camped out in one of their spare bedrooms, told stories, ate fun snacks. And when we went to pick you up, you regaled us with the whole story. From our end, it was weird to say the least. I may have been away from you plenty of nights, working shift work, but I always knew that your Mom would be around for you. But this was the first night since you were born that you were away from both of us for any length of time. I was really proud of how well your Mommy did. But just for the record, as much fun as your Mom and I discovered we still have together, we would never wish for you not to have entered our lives. Life would have been so BORING without you, and that fact framed our time alone together.

And some changes are coming our way, hopefully for the better. For all of your life so far, I have either been working from home or have been working shift work, and among other reasons for working strange hours, the primary reason for me not to find a regular day job has always been that because your Mom has stayed home with you instead of working, being at home or on shifts maximized the amount of time that I was able to be home with the both of you. I even turned down a promotion at work recently because I wasn't ready to give that up.

That being said however, a fact of life with only me working means that money talks, and when a job was offered to me that would make a significant difference in our family income, I had to factor that aspect into my thinking as well. So by the time I write you your next letter I will be back among the normal weekday working crowd, and not off through the week as much with you guys. I will be home a lot earlier on my days, and between that and no more night shifts your Mom and I hope that you can get used to a normal routine for a change. So that should be nice. I am also going to try to keep Saturday mornings as your and my special time, so we may have to send your Mom shopping or something so we can hang out together.

I will talk to you next month,

Love Daddy

Saturday, July 05, 2008

letter to trinity: 36 months

Dear Trinity,

Today you are 3 years old.

To start with, let me tell you that the last three years of my life have been more fulfilling and rewarding than I could have ever imagined and I owe that completely to you. They have, anecdotally, also been among the most challenging and very occasionally frustrating years of my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We had a party for you at the house this afternoon, and it went really well. This year, we had our first 'real' kid's party, with only myself, your Mom, and your local set of Grandparents in attendance from the family. Everyone else was either a young friend of yours or their parent.

Your Mom did a great job of getting the party together. I helped, but only in the sense that I did what she told me to do. We had the yard mostly decorated with balloons and crepe paper, and had chairs and tables set up around the patches of new grass on our new yard. Among other things, one of the things we found out today was that we need to get a tractor in to level that yard, because at one point or another probably half the partiers fell out of their chairs on the uneven ground. Another thing we found out is that the new playground that your Granparents and I spent a Saturday afternoon working on a few weeks ago isn't quite as sturdy as we thought it was, as at one point with a pile of kids swinging and sliding on it, one of the supports came right out of the ground. We'll try to have that fixed for next year.

You seemed to have a really good time though, and it was great to get to see you interacting with a bunch of kids mostly your age. One of the things your Mom and I worry about is that it might be hard for you, not to have any other little people around to interact with, and that having only us around might be doing you some harm. Certainly not enough to convinve us that having another baby is a good idea, but enough to give us pause nonetheless. So it was wonderful to sit back and watch you running around playing, laughing, shoving, yelling with kids your age.

However, and I know I sound like a  cliche here, but watching you today it was also bittersweet noticing that you are no longer an infant anymore, even though that description hasn't fit for a long time. Now, you really are a little girl.

I took a drive tonight, late in the middle of a night shift, mostly to clear my head and let the wind rush through the open window at me me in an effort to rouse me a bit. As I was driving, I passed a woman walking alone and somehow got thinking of you. I don't think I can describe her well, having just got a passing glimpse of her, other than to say she wasn't too tall, seemed thin, and looked to be 40ish. She seemed too old to be out doing whatever it is real young people do at 1 in the morning, and I got to thinking about what she was doing, where she was headed, where she was coming from. I suppose I interposed an older version of you onto her, and got to wondering what you'd be up to when you are her age. Would you be out like her, walking around late at night by yourself, maybe going back to an empty place? Would you live close enough by that if the mood or the need struck you that you could always come home, no matter what the circumstances were? Would you know that you would always be welcome? Would I still be around to be there for you to come back to?

I know, I get melodramatic sometimes. That is probably not news to you. I just feel so much more aware of the passage of time and your movement through it these days.Not so much mine or your Mom's, because having found each other I feel like we are held together in a bond that I hope to live the rest of my life inside of, and time is more or less relative inside it. But I am keenly aware that your stay with us is a transient thing, that you will one day go out on your own and live a life more or less independent of us, and as great a thing as getting to raise you is, it is a melancholy thing indeed to know that you won't be staying with us for the duration, not really.

But for now, you are still my little girl, growing up in increments notwithstanding, and I am looking forward to getting to see many more of your birthdays pass, and hoping that they are as much fun as today was.

I hope you know how much your Daddy loves you.

See you next month,


Saturday, June 07, 2008

letter to trinity: 35 months

Dear Trinity,

One more month and you are going to be three years old. I hardly know what to say about that, though when the time comes I'll do my best regardless.

I wanted to talk to you this month about your Mom a bit, because she doesn't use this kind of communication to talk to you, and deserves the same kind of conduit to you that I have. Probably because after keeping up with an almost-3-year-old every day, she's too tired to sit down and type. And your Mom isn't much for technology anyway. Uses it as a tool when she needs it, but that's about it. Her and I couldn't be more different that way.

This month you have managed to be fairly busy while still maintaining some semblance of routine at home, and you have your Mom to thank for that. I work a weird swing shift job and am gone at all different times of day, and I can't keep my own schedule straight so I can't expect you to.

But your Mom is there every morning to wake up with you, and get you breakfast, and read and play and experience the day with you. I am more of a footnote I guess. Sometimes I am there, and sometimes I am either sleeping or at work. But your Mom is a rock.

So whatever happens between now and whenever you read this, I wanted to tall you that your Mom loves you more than you can possibly imagine and that, in my opinion, she is the best Mom ever. I've noticed that people experience parenting very differently, some taking to it as second nature, some doing the bare minimum they think their responsibilities obligate them to, and still others that probably shouldn't have been parents at all. But your Mom is in a class all her own. She is patient, and nurturing, and encouraging, and so loving. But don't go thinking she's a pushover or anything. If you ever need her to be firm (or you do something that requires her to be), your Mom can be as tough as diamond when she needs to be. I know that I've said this before but she is going to be your most stalwart supporter, so lean on that woman whenever you need to.

It goes without saying (yet here I am saying it, and not for the first time) that I am also there for you whenever you need me to be, because there isn't a thing that I wouldn't do for you, your happiness, your safety. The problem is that I have less patience and even lesser resolve. So I end up being less nurturing and a little more demanding of you, yet if you flash those brown eyes and either dive-bomb me with a hug or turn on the waterworks, I pretty much completely cave in t whatever demands you make.

What have you done this month? Well we took you to the Toronto Zoo and aside from the recurring issue of fighting with you about keeping your sun hat on, everyone had a great time. You were amazed by all of the animals, but were particularly fascinated with the elephants, and with any baby animals there. During the trip, you got to meet your new cousin, and you had a lot of fun playing with a real baby, in spite of the fact that he did little more than sleep.

You still delight your Mom and I with some of the things you say. Yesterday you overheard me talking to your Grandma about one of our less popular extended family members, her third husband. The guy's name is Barry but for reasons that I won't get into here, we either refer to him as 'Bunkie', or when we has really annoyed one of us, we refer to him as 'Underpants'. So while I was on the call, you were yelling at the top of your lungs 'Bunkie Underpants'! It was awesome.

You also have been taking to signing quite a bit lately, because either at home or in the car we always have music on. One of your favourites is 'Born to Be Wild' by Steppenwolf and that one you can sing the first verse of spectacularly well. The song you love most seems to be The Beatles 'Hey Jude', because that one you sing along with your Grandpa, and seem to have a pretty rocking time of it.

See you next month.

Love Daddy

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

letter to trinity: 34 months

Dear Trinity,

Has a month gone by already? Where did that one go?

I thought I'd first tell you about how your voice affects me these days. I have been working more nights this month than usual and your Mom and you have been calling and leaving me messages on my phone's voicemail. Usually they are of you telling me what you guys are doing at that given moment, either what you did after supper, or what books you might read later. Maybe it is to tell me that you love me or that you had a big poop. I have been saving all of them and listened to them in a row last night while at work. Its good that I was again on nights, because I might have to answer questions from people wondering why I was crying a little at work.

You are so funny lately. You asked me the other day if I was going to go to work that night, and when I said no, you actually yelled 'Woohoo!' and did a little dance. It was awesome. Speaking of dancing, somewhere along the way you have decided that the thing to do while dancing is pull your pants down so that the crack of your butt is exposed, followed usually by a lot of giggling. Not sure where that one comes from, but I do know that you keep doing it because I can't help laughing every time I see you do it. If I have, in so doing, encouraged you into a profession that I might not have otherwise approved of, I formally apologize.

You and I went for haircuts together this month and it was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe how still and obedient you were with the girl doing your hair. Frankly I was thinking about seeing if we could set her up at our place in some way, since you seemed to enjoy the experience so much that you forgot to be your normal wild self. But then the moment passed and I realized that one of the things I love most about you is that you are your own person. But it really was adorable.

Storytime has had a bit of a paradigm shift this month. You have now gone past the point where you want us to read your stories to you, as well as past reading your books to us, and have moved right to attempting to read my books to me. It is very cute and made better by the fact that you like to make up your own stories and characters as you flip the pages. Case in point:

And now, the screaming. Looking back and reading this, do you remember that when you were 34 months old one of the best ways you could think of to get our attention was to scream as loud as you can? We certainly are having a tough time figuring it out. You get a lot of attention from both of us, and you pretty much always have your Mom around to interact with, so its a strange thing when you start screaming for no apparent reason other than to get us to stop doing whatever it is we're doing and try to get you from hurting your larynx and our ears any further.

The weather finally started changing for the better a bit this month, although we only had nice weather for a few days and then it either got cold again, rained a lot, or often times both. We actually had snow on the road when we came home from visiting your Aunt and cousin. We had a nice time visiting with them, and not only were you ok with the long drive, you really didn't seem to care that you were cooped up in a car for 5 hours straight each way.

When the weather was nice though, we took you to a bigger park than our usual one and we tried flying a kite, to limited success. But you had a blast alternatively chasing that thing around the park or dragging it along the ground. The view through your eyes really is a fun one. Maybe a little opaque sometimes, but it still provides a sense of wonder to my life that I would never otherwise have.

I love you,


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

letter to trinity: 33 months

Dear Trinity,

I'm writing you a little later than normal this month; for some reason I haven't felt like I have all that new to tell you lately. But of course, like any other month, you continue to grow and change and develop and I am just not making a big deal enough out of that. Or maybe its that I have been so busy either having fun or losing my (admittedly small amount of) patience with you. One neato thing about your personality developing is that as it grows so does your capacity to want to get your own way, and so often what you want conflicts with what I think might be the right course of action. Foreshadowing for the future, you think?

This month has been about par for our life as it is nowadays. I work a lot, you and your Mom hang out at home a lot, or visit with your family up here. When I am off, we get to hang out, continue watching the few episodes of Star trek that might be considered kid-friendly.

We are going to head down to see your Aunt and some old friends 5 hours away tomorrow morning and I am both really looking forward to the trip and dreading it because its been almost a year since we've had you in the car for that length of time. We will just have to see how it goes.

Your Grandpa came to visit with us this past month. You had such a good time with him, which really surprised us, because you really haven't seen him that much, so we figured you'd be shy around him. But not so. You played harder with him than you have with anyone, launching yourself at him like a skydiver. You made him pretend to be the Big Bad Wolf (of 'Three Little Pigs' fame) about a hundred times, but in your version of the story, the little pig was always the winner. The next time we see him will likely be at his 4th wedding this summer, if we can get to it. Yeah, 4th wedding I said. Ask me about that one sometime.

This month I noticed a greater than usual amount of people commenting about your immense vocabulary and your control over it. I imagine that a function of being around adults more means that you are likely to pick up linguistic skills easier, but its just as plausible that you are a ridiculously smart girl instead. I like that one.

Some favourite things of yours this month: Kraft Dinner. No matter what meal it is, the one thing that we are guaranteed that you will at least eat some of, is Kraft Dinner. You usually like to share too, which always brings a smile. Your favourite book lately has been a collection of condensed Disney stories, that you often prefer to flip through yourself a few times before you pick one (or all) for me to read. Your favourite tv show has been 'Peep and the Big Wide World'. You call it Peep and the Whole Wide World, and you scream bloody murder if we try to correct you. I just call it Peep.

I couldn't settle on what pictures to post with this letter, so I am attaching more than the normal amount. Each of them is just too adorable to toss into the pile of other pictures I'm not showing the world (and you).

See you next month.

As always, your Daddy loves you.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

letter to trinity: 32 months

Dear Trinity,

You and I continue watching old Trek series together and have this month moved to the all-important watching Star Trek: The Next Generation portion of our Daddy/Daughter relationship. Much to Mom's dismay, you really get off on yelling around the room when its time to watch a new episode. Obviously a series that can sometimes show adult themes or violence can only be seen in a very abbreviated state by a 2 year old, but this is where the luck of having a Dad that has seen every episode at least a dozen times comes in. I just skip past the offensive bits and you and I have a blast together.

You continue to amaze with both your vocabulary and your ability to hold conversations with it. You can carry on a conversation now on some level about almost anything, and you have integrated talking so much into your imaginative play that its awesome to just sit back and listen as you tell stories, make up scenarios, have conversations. The books you like to read have also been affected by your growing vocabulary. You now want to read stories that have lots of text and sometimes you like to flip through them and repeat the words you know are associated with each page, as if you were reading them on your own.

The longest part of the winter is almost over now, and I for one am just fine with it. Your Mom and I have spent the last month with you taking advantage of whatever we could think to do in the sometimes ridiculously cold Northern Ontario winter, and we're pretty much ready to start doing things outdoors with you in nicer weather now.

Yesterday, you and I went ice fishing together, (no Mom allowed this time) and hung out with your Uncle Dave and a friend of his and his little girl. You did what we do out there; ate hot dogs, jigged for fish and were generally the highlight of everyone's afternoon. On the way back you honked the horn the entire way across the lake to your grandparents house, and it was funny all the way there.

Today we went out to a local Maple Tapping operation to expose you to probably the last winter outdoor thing we could think of that we hadn't already done or rejected. We went on a horse sleigh ride, saw some part of the 5,000 or so tapped trees, ate taffy and hot dogs, and had an all around awesome time. We also went out for dinner tonight, and you opted to wear a princess dress-up outfit. There was a live band and you again entertained everyone as you ran around the restaurant between our table and the band's setup dancing your little heart out.

The past few months has seen a quantum leap in your ability to draw, a fact that I have gone around telling, showing and blogging about already. Here is the latest from the growing pile of your artwork we are putting away. You actually told us it was Baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles. Awesome.

You also have been really enjoying using the computer lately. You haven't quite got the mouse down yet but your Mom and you discovered interactive flash games on the Sesame Street site and you have been using the keyboard a little when prompted. You love Youtube too, and can't get enough of being able to ask for something and finding a video clip of it a few seconds later. Until you surpass me as the resident computer geek of the family, I will continue to find it both cute and a point of pride.

See you next month,

Love Daddy

Sunday, February 10, 2008

letter to trinity: 31 months

Dear Trinity,

I have to gush about this one. When I saw this picture that you drew when I came home from work tonight I was so taken aback I actually said the words ' I am completely taken aback.'

At which point you said 'Don't take it back!' and proceeded to remove the object of my fandom from the refrigerator. But seriously, this thing is getting framed. You have been drawing, painting and colouring for months now, but out of nowhere your random squiggles and lines and shapes coalesced today into a fairly clearly recognizable depiction of a person, a little baby in fact. I was so taken aback.

And here's an interesting thing; You just watched me open my utorrent client on my laptop and with no prompting from me whatsoever you asked if we could 'download shows Dad?' So either I am introducing you to illegal downloading or I am exposing you to the communal experience of filesharing, depending on one's point of view. But either way, you are paying close attention. If I hadn't already used it, I would claim that the event had me taken aback. But I digress.

This past month has seen your Mom and I expose you to something we thought we wouldn't do for years: ice fishing. I had myself convinced that you were going to end up in the lake if we took you out, but as it turned out, it was a very safe, enjoyable experience. You loved helping out with the bait and were very into being taught how the whole operation worked. It was a lot of fun. And your Mom introduced you to the sole reason why she goes ice fishing; Hot Dogs. Apparently in her family, no matter what time you go out, or if you ate immediately before you left, went you get to the ice hut and light the stove, it is necessary to cook and eat hot dogs. I think it likely that it contributed to your enjoyment of the whole experience.

You have been busy this past month snapping pictures with your new camera, so we have lots and lots of digital pics of the floor, the ceiling, body parts that come off as random blurry somethings, and the occasional self-portrait that would make any MySpace Profile-portrait-taker envious. I mean seriously, things don't get much cuter.

When I sit down to write these letters, I always feel like I need to tell you more about what's going on in your life, because it seems like I fall short of accurately capturing how you've changed since the last month. But I also don't want to feel like I am taking notes either. I guess as long as you look back on these and know how I felt about you when I wrote them, then my work is done.

Love Daddy

Saturday, January 05, 2008

letter to trinity: 30 months

Dear Trinity,

This month you got to spend your first xmas at our new place, and you had quite a time of it. You got a laundry list of things for xmas from your Mom and I, as well as from all of your grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and friends. If things keep on like this, this new house of ours is going to get filled up quicker than we'd planned. Here is some of the loot that I think bears worth remembering:
  • Twilight Turtle - We got this one for you. It projects a starfield on the ceiling from a cutesy plush turtle. The telescope is next year, so keep your eyes on the stars. Er, ceiling.
  • Digital Camera - I so love that you have this. Until you take a pic of me with a finger knuckle deep in a nostril with it, that is.
  • Dora video game - aww, your first video game (actually it isn't but the infant learning one we bought last year never caught on)

You had a lot of fun opening and playing with your new stuff. And you were so polite to everyone, every single time you got a new gift. One would think that you would get tired of all the "Thank you so much"es and "I love you"s, but you didn't seem to. We shot some video and of course, we took a number of obligatory pictures. Not as many as I did last year, because I tried to actually be a participant as well as a photographer this time around.

A friend of mine loaned me the series set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and I have been working in episodes pretty much whenever I can. I don't know if its the exposure to it or that you get off on knowing how much it pleases your Dad, but the fact of the matter is that you like Star Trek. For a geek like me I really don't know what else there is to say other than that you. Like. Star Trek. So fun. And it is so annoying for your Mom, because now there is no longer only one trekkie in the house, so we actually get to watch it. Obviously any episode that has any real violence in it gets omitted, or if anything nasty is coming up, we just skip by it. For that reason I end up re-watching a lot of Trek, but I'm not complaining about that. And when you see the Changeling shapeshift your imagination is working overdrive. That is pretty cool.

You got your very first dogsled ride this past month. We were walking our husky and pulling you along on your toboggan at the same time and decided maybe we had ourselves a winning combination. So we hooked the leash to your sled and you had the time of your life. I think we are going to have to get that doggie a proper harness for next time. Both you and her had a big sleep that night and that is the kind of thing your Mom and I like to see in both of you.

It looks like your Mom is going to be able to work a few days a month now that we have access to free daycare (your Grandma) that will make it financially viable for her to. But on the days that your Mom is going to work and I am off (thank you, shift work) you and I are going to get to hang out together, and I am so looking forward to that. And its not looking to be the nasty cold winter we were promised, so hopefully we'll get to do a lot of outdoor fun stuff in the snow. I am thinking of taking you ice fishing, but you are only going if you are attached securely to me. I don't want to spend any part of the trip freaking out worrying about you deciding to see where the hole in the ice goes.

Not much else to tell you about Princess, except that you are my Princess. I don't mind the implied connotation that I think of your Mom as a Queen, because she is, but I am no King, except maybe of random Star Trek trivia.

See you next month,