Saturday, January 05, 2008

letter to trinity: 30 months

Dear Trinity,

This month you got to spend your first xmas at our new place, and you had quite a time of it. You got a laundry list of things for xmas from your Mom and I, as well as from all of your grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and friends. If things keep on like this, this new house of ours is going to get filled up quicker than we'd planned. Here is some of the loot that I think bears worth remembering:
  • Twilight Turtle - We got this one for you. It projects a starfield on the ceiling from a cutesy plush turtle. The telescope is next year, so keep your eyes on the stars. Er, ceiling.
  • Digital Camera - I so love that you have this. Until you take a pic of me with a finger knuckle deep in a nostril with it, that is.
  • Dora video game - aww, your first video game (actually it isn't but the infant learning one we bought last year never caught on)

You had a lot of fun opening and playing with your new stuff. And you were so polite to everyone, every single time you got a new gift. One would think that you would get tired of all the "Thank you so much"es and "I love you"s, but you didn't seem to. We shot some video and of course, we took a number of obligatory pictures. Not as many as I did last year, because I tried to actually be a participant as well as a photographer this time around.

A friend of mine loaned me the series set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and I have been working in episodes pretty much whenever I can. I don't know if its the exposure to it or that you get off on knowing how much it pleases your Dad, but the fact of the matter is that you like Star Trek. For a geek like me I really don't know what else there is to say other than that you. Like. Star Trek. So fun. And it is so annoying for your Mom, because now there is no longer only one trekkie in the house, so we actually get to watch it. Obviously any episode that has any real violence in it gets omitted, or if anything nasty is coming up, we just skip by it. For that reason I end up re-watching a lot of Trek, but I'm not complaining about that. And when you see the Changeling shapeshift your imagination is working overdrive. That is pretty cool.

You got your very first dogsled ride this past month. We were walking our husky and pulling you along on your toboggan at the same time and decided maybe we had ourselves a winning combination. So we hooked the leash to your sled and you had the time of your life. I think we are going to have to get that doggie a proper harness for next time. Both you and her had a big sleep that night and that is the kind of thing your Mom and I like to see in both of you.

It looks like your Mom is going to be able to work a few days a month now that we have access to free daycare (your Grandma) that will make it financially viable for her to. But on the days that your Mom is going to work and I am off (thank you, shift work) you and I are going to get to hang out together, and I am so looking forward to that. And its not looking to be the nasty cold winter we were promised, so hopefully we'll get to do a lot of outdoor fun stuff in the snow. I am thinking of taking you ice fishing, but you are only going if you are attached securely to me. I don't want to spend any part of the trip freaking out worrying about you deciding to see where the hole in the ice goes.

Not much else to tell you about Princess, except that you are my Princess. I don't mind the implied connotation that I think of your Mom as a Queen, because she is, but I am no King, except maybe of random Star Trek trivia.

See you next month,