Sunday, February 10, 2008

letter to trinity: 31 months

Dear Trinity,

I have to gush about this one. When I saw this picture that you drew when I came home from work tonight I was so taken aback I actually said the words ' I am completely taken aback.'

At which point you said 'Don't take it back!' and proceeded to remove the object of my fandom from the refrigerator. But seriously, this thing is getting framed. You have been drawing, painting and colouring for months now, but out of nowhere your random squiggles and lines and shapes coalesced today into a fairly clearly recognizable depiction of a person, a little baby in fact. I was so taken aback.

And here's an interesting thing; You just watched me open my utorrent client on my laptop and with no prompting from me whatsoever you asked if we could 'download shows Dad?' So either I am introducing you to illegal downloading or I am exposing you to the communal experience of filesharing, depending on one's point of view. But either way, you are paying close attention. If I hadn't already used it, I would claim that the event had me taken aback. But I digress.

This past month has seen your Mom and I expose you to something we thought we wouldn't do for years: ice fishing. I had myself convinced that you were going to end up in the lake if we took you out, but as it turned out, it was a very safe, enjoyable experience. You loved helping out with the bait and were very into being taught how the whole operation worked. It was a lot of fun. And your Mom introduced you to the sole reason why she goes ice fishing; Hot Dogs. Apparently in her family, no matter what time you go out, or if you ate immediately before you left, went you get to the ice hut and light the stove, it is necessary to cook and eat hot dogs. I think it likely that it contributed to your enjoyment of the whole experience.

You have been busy this past month snapping pictures with your new camera, so we have lots and lots of digital pics of the floor, the ceiling, body parts that come off as random blurry somethings, and the occasional self-portrait that would make any MySpace Profile-portrait-taker envious. I mean seriously, things don't get much cuter.

When I sit down to write these letters, I always feel like I need to tell you more about what's going on in your life, because it seems like I fall short of accurately capturing how you've changed since the last month. But I also don't want to feel like I am taking notes either. I guess as long as you look back on these and know how I felt about you when I wrote them, then my work is done.

Love Daddy