Sunday, September 07, 2008

letter to trinity: 38 months

Dear Trinity, 

Well, what has changed since last time we talked in these little one-way chats we have? Not as much as in some months. Summer has pretty much wound down, although considering what a wet summer it was, I am not really sure that it ever properly started.

When it wasn't raining and I wasn't either working or sleeping (thank you shift work!), we tried to take advantage of things as best we could. We took you to the beach across the road a lot, and did the local parks whenever we happened to be (or intentionally were going to be) driving by.

When it was raining we had as much indoor fun as we could, and we tried to get creative where possible. We did puzzles, painted, coloured, danced, sang, and after we were all tired, we did resort to the odd movie or Sesame Street break. We even had you try out Rock Band at your Uncle Dave's house. At this point, I don't have any competition from you, but you do have plenty of time to get better.  

We took you to Santa's Village a few weeks ago, and in spite of the little voice that starts nagging at the back of my head whenever the subject of encouraging the belief in that particular imaginary friend comes up, we had a great time. The first thing you and I did upon getting to the park was to try out the biggest ride there, a roller-coaster, which while I thought you would be scared out of your mind of, instead you loved and wanted to go on repeatedly. I think after the fourth time through (and each ride going through a complete circuit twice) I was a lot closer to being tired of it than you were. You got your face painted, and sang in an audience participation singalong that we tried to get pics of, but you seemed to be a lot keener  in just dancing and rocking out with the rest of the kids.

I have been really lucky in the last few weeks in that your Mom has been working a fair bit for one of the local camps cleaning cottages, so you and I have been getting a lot of time together. You  have been using the unpleasant (and to you, seemingly hilarious) phrase that I have been babysitting you, instead of just spending time with you. But maybe that's what I get for being the parent that comes and goes on a near daily basis. But either way, we have been getting to spend lots of time together, most of it good. You are pushing your boundaries a lot lately, so there have been a few more time-outs than I would care for. You chafe whenever we ask you not to do something that you know you shouldn't (climb the furniture, throw things, punch us) and that usually means that you do more of whatever it was that we asked you to stop doing. So that part of our time together isn't as much fun as it could be. But for the most part, we still have a good time.

As always, talk to you next month, 

Love Daddy