Thursday, November 06, 2008

letter to trinity: 40 months

Dear Trin,

Big news, at least from our perspective: You have made the move, in one day, from diapers to the potty. Certainly we had encouraged you to try peeing on the potty before, but because you have always had a few, er, issues with bowel movements, we always figured that you would let us know when you were ready. And you did.

After we had talked to you a bit about it last month, your Mom just asked one day last week if you wanted to give it another try, and you haven't had a diaper on since. I quit smoking the exact same way, come to think of it. But I digress. We were both SO proud of you, and continue to lavish you with praise, and a unique sugar free bubblegum-based reward system each success you have. Certainly there have been, and will continue to be accidents along the way, for a long time to come, I am sure. But its a big thing, and we are very happy that you did this one when you were ready and not when we were. Although, I am not looking forward to the first long road trip we take, but I don't have one planned for awhile so I'm not too worried about that.

You and I have started a weekly hang out on Saturday mornings, another of the good things about working a regular job. So we send your Mom out shopping or something, and we've been spending the bulk of our Saturdays playing, puttering with some small task around the house, watching movies, reading stories, etc. I love it. You and I do get to spend a lot of time together already, but we don't get time when its just you and I, as your Mom is usually hanging out with us too.

You have been playing some really interesting games lately. As far as I know you made them up on your own too. One of them is where you say freeze, and instead of simply stopping in place, you want us to assume some ridiculous position and then freeze. You participate though, so that's kept if from getting old. And you also made up this game where you lay down pretending to sleep, and then need one of us to give you a true love's kiss to wake you. That one can be pretty funny, because you are usually laughing the whole time.

And the other day, you had Mommy call me at work and the first thing you said to me was 'Mommy doesn't know how to work your laptop', this in reference to you guys attempting to stream a movie I downloaded for you. I had a good laugh at my desk over that one. I got a few looks, but I really don't worry too much about that sort of thing.

And one last note of interest: The family of deer that have been living pretty much in our backyard contintue to fascinate you. The things are so tame now that even when they know we are watching them eat the grass in our backyard, you squealing and cheering them on, they just keep on with the meal as if nothing was going on. Its really cute.

See you next month.