Saturday, December 06, 2008

letter to trinity: 41 months

Dear Trinity,

Another big month in the bathroom! Just a few weeks after you began using the potty for peeing, you woke up one night and used the toilet for that other thing people do on it. We were so proud of you. It hasn't been repeated yet, but we know it will, and we are so happy. Nice to get you feeling independent.

Speaking of Independence however, you really are starting to assert yourself more these days, and sometimes no in the ways that we would necessarily want you to. You have begun to seriously rail against bedtime, no matter how late it might be or how busy your day has been. I don't think that it has anything to do with not sleeping well, because once you're asleep you usually wake up only to call Mom in to sleep with you. No apparent bad dreams or anything. You just (like me) would rather not have to sleep at all it seems. I can't really say too much as I typically stay up until I can't keep my eyes open myself. I figure I'll get plenty of rest when I'm dead. You might not quite have the philosophical bent yet that I do, but the roots of it appear to be there nonetheless.

And finally you are starting to really miss me again when I am not around. Took awhile, because lately you've been wanting Mommy around all the time, even when I am home from work. But I have been continuing to spend some time every Saturday with just you and I, and now you want most days to be Saturday. Last night you enthusiastically asked me 'You don't have to work tomorrow?' and without waiting for a response, promptly went over to your Mom and told her to go shopping and very nicely asked her not to be home when you woke up. It might have been sad for your Mom, but it was both funny and a nice moment for me. Too bad you asked it on a Tuesday night.

Love you,