Sunday, February 08, 2009

letter to trinity: 43 months

Dear Trinity,

I start writing this month's letter as you sit about a foot away from me watching a cartoon on the Disney channel. You're laying splayed out on your belly with your legs in the air and you look like I think you will look as a teenager, and it makes me miss the little girl beside me already.

We're almost through the worst of the winter now (yay!) and its probably a good thing that is the case. I can get you to come out with me when I go walk our dog, you'll go outside for a brief play in the snow once in awhile, and your Mom has some success doing the same while I am at work, but the bottom line is you just don't like the cold very much. I think its putting all those clothes on that you just find too tiresome. So it'll be good once the warm weather comes, so we can get you outside a little bit more.

The other day I came home to you telling me that Mommy doesn't know how to open the spider web. I hadn't a clue what you were talking about until your Mom told me that she was unable to access a certain web site that you wanted to check out. I think it was the Marvel Create Your Own Hero site, one that you and I visit a lot together. So, spider web = web site. You're so freaking cute. And you have also been asking to learn 'your letters' on the computer, so I have been showing you how to spell simple words, and letting you pretend that you know how to spell them.

You and your Mom went on a road trip for the first time this month. You drove down during a workweek to spend a few days with your Aunt Lisa and your Mom's grandparents. I thought I'd look forward to the quiet and relative peace, but the real truth is I was bored of all that silence after only a few hours. So I was a very happy dad when you came home days later. Your Mom came home telling me how smart you are, after you realized that you almost drove by the place we always stop when we go a family trip. So she rewarded your sharp memory by stopping and having an early supper.

You are becoming very generous these days, and are happy to share your stuff with your friends, us, other family. Usually its in the context of getting us to play with you with whatever you are sharing, but its still really nice to see. Today while at a play date with a one year old daughter of a friend of your Aunt Becky's, as you were getting in the car you ran back to the house to deliver an old book of yours that you always read on the road. It was a really nice gesture, but I hope you don't go looking for that book anytime soon.

You have not quite mastered the ability to know when not to make commentary about the things that you see. You saw a fellow who was well on his way to losing his hair and instead of whispering your comment to your mom, you yelled at the top of your lungs 'Hey Mom, that guy is BALD!'. And twice now in the last month you have seen overweight people and told us in the same loud, unconcerned voice, that they have too much food in their tummies. We can't help but laugh.

This month you have made two unsuccessful attempts to sleep over at grandma and grandpa's house. You have asked to stay after we've gone over for supper, and your Mom and I were happy to let you stay, but aware that there was a good chance of you calling and wanting to come home. And you did both times. We live a few minutes' drive away, so its no big deal, and its cool that you are trying to assert your independence that way. Sooner or later, you'll stay the night.

You are still loving being read to and pretending to read, and very likely because you see me doing it, one of the your favourite things to read is comic books. In some ways, you're a real chip off the old block.

Talk to you next month,

Love Daddy