Tuesday, April 07, 2009

letter to trinity: 45 months

Dear Trin,

Another month goes by, another month where I spend almost all my free time working on finishing our basement. So I haven't gotten to go on too many adventures with you because I've been busy making a ridiculous mess of our house. But that being said, I am so close to being finished. And when its done, and the real reason I started doing all this work is complete (that is the Home Theater in the basement that I quietly built along with the other rooms your Mom wanted) the very first thing we're going to watch on our 106" screen is going to be the Hannah Montana movie in 3D. Because I can always bring it back to being about you.

We did get to go on one fun family outing this past month though. We took you to see Disney on Ice, and once we had told you it was coming, it was all you could talk about for weeks. The show was shockingly good compared to the expectations I had going into it. I think I expected a couple of kids with skates and Mickey Mouse hats to come out, dance it up and then pander to the kids. Instead it was a really well choreographed series of dance numbers, with appearances by some of your favourite characters including pretty much all of the current Disney princesses, and The Incredibles. You were, in a word, enraptured.

We also got to spend the night with friends of ours in Niagara Falls. Great people, really fun that they were cool about letting us flop at their place en route to the show the next day. They put on a huge breakfast, ostensibly for us, but really for you, in the hopes that you would love with something they made. They put on eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, pancakes, toast, cereal and I don't even remember what else. What I do remember is that for all that work, you ate nothing, and I spent the day with a straining stomach.

And for some reason that I also can't remember, at some point in the last month, you got it into your head that it would be a great idea to put a gift bag with a batman symbol on it on your head and run around yelling the 60s theme music a la 'Da-na na-na na- na na-na Batman!' A lot of the time I see your Mom in everything you do, but every once in awhile, you do something like that, and I just smile, knowing that no matter what, you are definitely my kid.

See you next month,

Love Daddy