Thursday, June 04, 2009

letter to trinity: 47 months

Dear Trinity,

So, first to the school stuff. Your Mom and I took you to an open house at one of the schools we were thinking about sending you to, and as it turns out, we never had to bother with any others. The school was new, very modern, great teachers, in a quiet area, and appears to be very safe. You might actually have thrown us a bit when it became clear just how much you liked it. This is going to be hard enough on your Mom as it is without you actually wanting to go. I think she may have gotten more than a little attached to you being home with you these last (almost 4) years.

And speaking of which, next month will see your 4th birthday. Not sure what we're doing exactly yet, but it will involve a party, lots of presents, probably some visiting with family and friends.

Love Daddy