Sunday, July 05, 2009

letter to trinity: 4 years

Dear Trinity,

Today you turned 4 years old. Weird feeling typing that. I mean I am all for you growing up and learning and developing, but I am really feeling like an ending is coming. Your mom has been home with you for your entire life to date and now that you are old enough you will be heading to school soon. Going to be a huge change for all of us and the irony is that you are looking forward to it a lot more than we are.

Maybe it's the loss of control or just not knowing what you're doing at any given moment but I just get a sinking feeling in my stomach everytime I think about this tiny little being climbing onto a bus and leaving to go elsewhere. Ugh. I think your mom should stay a stay at home mom just so she can transport you back and forth to school. Even if it is only a couple of days a week.

This month you finished gymnastics and again earned a stellar report card and a ribbon. I wonder when you have so much fun doing something like this if it's something you'll still do as you get older, maybe get really good at or if it's something that is just a passing fancy that you don't even really remember ever doing.

You also have been working on your outdoor skills. You tried fishing on the dock and have become quite good at catching and releasing little critters around the yard. You briefly had a salamander and a toad as temporary pets until they each made a brilliant escape from the buckets you had each of them in.

You have been working on your letters a little bit. We try to encourage you whenever we can to practice counting or identifying letters. So far you're not too comfortable with the whole alphabet thing but you do know that you're name starts wig a T and you have gotten really good at writing it. It's fun to watch you try to do the things that you know you get encouraged and praised for.

Another thing that is finally ended is the project I started finishing our basement. Now that it's done there is a nice big home heater room for us to watch movies and play videogames in and you love participating in either. Your favorite game so far is Lego Indiana Jones. You just laugh when we play it together.

So that's the month. I can't wait for the next 3 weeks to be over with because I took some time off this summer and beginning in 3 weeks (sooner in fact) I am going to be off for 2.5 weeks with you and your mom. No plans, just maybe do a little camping, hang out around the house. Should be a lot of fun to just be with you guys and not worry about work.

I love you so much.