Thursday, March 04, 2010

letter to trinity: 56 months

Dear Trinity,

I was talking to someone the other day at work whose wife had just had a baby, and found myself saying to him that I had a little girl at home who was almost 5. 5! After saying it out loud, I caught myself wondering how exactly that happened. I feel like I was helping your Mom bathe you in the sink at our old place about 20 minutes ago. Time is very weird sometimes.

So what's new this month? We decided to put you to work, figured you should start doing some chores around the house to earn your keep. Just kidding about that part. But you asked if you could wash the dishes one night, so we let you. You loved it, and wouldn't let us do anything other than turn on the water for you. You were extremely proud of yourself, and I just found it funny that the novelty for this particular thing will have worn off long before we actually ever do ask you to do the dishes.

You and I have started going to a yoga class together this month. Its something we've done at home many times, but going to a class is a different story. Seeing you doing all these challenging poses and showing up every other kid in the place is a lot of fun. You have since been showing everyone in the family all your favourite poses and impressing everybody with your skills.

After our yoga classes we've been going out for supper, and we have even settled on a regular spot. Its called Burger World, and in spite of its name, its a staple in the community we're from. My attempt was to divert the one time you and I have a meal exclusively together away from something like McDonald's. I am going to go ahead and call this one a success anyways.

Otherwise, this past February has been pretty quiet. We are going to try to take you on a few more excursions next month. We've got a trip to see Disney on Ice planned, and your dislike for Belle from Beauty and the Beast notwithstanding, you are excited to see it. I should note here that while you claim that its Belle you don't like, clearly I think the issue is around her terrifying paramour, the aforementioned Beast. Either that, or pretty french girls in gowns are more fear inducing than I would have otherwise thought. We'll see how that goes.

Your Mom has had you more than normally occupied while I have been at work. Between play dates with other home/non-schooled kids your age, drop in center visits, library class, dance class, swimming at the local pool, you two tend to get around. I don't think you get a lot of time to just hang out at home and not do much of anything, but I think that is the point. And its nice that you're getting to interact with other kids so often. Sort of makes up for us not having another kid solely to keep you company.

We also plan to take you to Science North sometime soon. Its hard enough to get you outside without a good excuse, but because we aren't rabid winter outdoor activity people, its challenging to find things to keep you stimulated this time of year. Once the snow is melted and the ground is relatively dry, you can be occupied playing outside until the ground freezes again, but for now we do our best to keep you busy.

I love you,