Monday, April 05, 2010

letter to trinity: 57 months

Dear Trinity,

Well there goes another March, and with it most of our snow and cold. Fortunately it felt to me like we had little of either, but maybe that's because winter seemed to go by so fast, or because I wasn't really paying attention. Maybe both.

You have been busy this month. You continue to have your weekday activities with your Mom, and I am amazed how much you guys are doing. I almost think you'd be better off at home with your Mom than going into Kindergarten next year. Almost, except for the formal structure school affords. And the learning. There's that too. Your Mom and I decided we were against home schooling, so even though you are getting to experience a lot of things with her, and with me when I'm available, you aren't getting the formal building-block type education that will help build a foundation on which you will learn later from. That's a bit of overstatement probably. There's only so much to learn from finger painting and playdoh with other kids. But I am looking forward to you going to school, if for nothing else than to start supplementing your learning myself, by trying to get into the things you are learning about. I'm excited.

We have so far tried to feed your interests as well as we can. We have taken you to see dinosaur exhibits before, and this month we took you up to Science North to see the realistic animatronic dinosaurs they have there. Turns out they were a little too realistic, because they scared the crap out of you, and you wanted nothing else but to get away from that exhibit. It wasn't a total wash though: The second reason to go was to show you the planetarium, and to try to kindle an interest in space. That was a fun experience, and you asked a lot of cool questions. The show we saw focused on the perspective afforded when you view our tiny solar system within the context of a family of billions of galaxies. I don't know that you got it (I don't know sometimes that I have it completely) but you were fascinated. And that was enough.

We also took you to go see a Disney on Ice show, and as I had predicted, you wouldn't stand for any of the Beauty and the Beast stuff. I still maintain that its the Beast that you dislike, but as soon as you saw Belle, you went nuts and I had to take you almost out of the building to calm you down. The rest of it you thoroughly enjoyed though, and that was fun to see. We had great seats, and I remarked to your Mother that I am probably cultivating a sense of entitlement similar to the one she walks around with so when you're older, if you ever get anything other than the 1st or 2nd row at a show you'll feel dissatisfied. I want you to have great things in life, but not to always expect them. We'll see who you take after more as time goes on, I suppose.

One further thing that we did with you this past weekend was to take you to your first 3D movie. We went to see 'How to Train Your Dragon' and it was an awesome experience for everyone involved. You weren't sure about the glasses at first, but you got used to them in no time. And at one point in the movie, you took them off, glanced around and told me how much better the movie was with them on.

We have been continuing to go out once a week, just the two of us. In spite of our yoga class being on hiatus for a month or so, we've been trying to do something anyways. We went swimming at the YMCA last week, and we always go out for dinner. This coming week, we are going to try something different. Your Mom is going out to some girl party, and we're going to have a pizza and movie night at home. It should be fun. I'll let you know how it goes.

I love you,