Wednesday, May 05, 2010

letter to trinity: 58 months

Dear Trinity,

The first thing I want to bring up is how much fun I have with you lately. Right out of the gate, I am having a lot fun with you when we hang out. We have been keeping up our Wednesday nights out (you call them Daddy Daughter Date Nights, which I love). We usually go to the local pool and go out to a greasy spoon for breakfast for dinner. We talk and get to spend time just the two of us. I get to see for myself, and not from your Mom, or when other people are around to influence things exactly what an intelligent, inquisitive, funny kid you are. I can't believe how cool you are for a four year old sometimes.

Our yoga class is starting up again, something that both of us are looking forward to. And once the summer kicks in to gear, I think we might go swimming at the lake on our nights out, maybe go on the carousel (which I hate) until one of us throws up (which will be me).

You are getting taller lately. You're weight is still hovering just shy of 40 pounds, but it seems like everything that was tight on you is baggy again, though most of it doesn't fit you because you're getting so tall. I am seriously in so much trouble for later in life. You are growing up to be so smart and curious and thoughtful. And you're probably going to be 6' tall and drop dead gorgeous if you keep your Mom's looks. So much to look forward to, what with the all the scaring away of potential suitors I am going to have to do.

And speaking of hitting that 40 pound mark, we have graduated you to booster seats in our vehicles in honour of that goal, and you have gotten to say goodbye to the toddlerish car seats you had and have moved into boosters without a look back. You are extremely proud of yourself for being big enough to be in one, and look disdainfully at 'little baby' car seats whenever they come into view. Too funny.

I don't have a lot else to say tonight. As usual, I write this late at night, after first you, then your Mom have gone to bed. I will say that I booked my vacation for the summer today. Knowing that you are going to go to school in the fall I took more time off than I might have otherwise, because it feels like an ending, and I want to squeeze in as much time with you as I can get. So look out for roller coasters, zoos, and lots more daddy daughter time!

I love you so much,