Sunday, July 04, 2010

letter to trinity: 5 years

Dear Trinity,

5 years. When did that happen exactly? I look back on the last five years with you, and I can't believe how things can change so much, so fast. It feels like just a few minutes ago I was holding my new baby girl in my arms moments after her birth, watching her roll over for the first time, hearing her say Daddy for the first time. And yesterday, I got to watch my little girl laughing, playing, swimming with her friends at her fifth birthday party.

You opted for a superhero cake this year over last year's princess theme, and your cake turned out very well.

The party we had for you yesterday wasn't on your actual birthday, but we opted to do a few parties this year. We had the kids party yesterday and today had a little get together with your Mom's family (your Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle). It was fun. You are a big breakfast fan lately, no matter which mealtime it is, so we had a brunch for you, much to your enjoyment.

Afterwards, we gave you your small presents, and then we told you we were going to drive out to get your 'big' present. We didn't want to build it up too much, but we had planned to pick up a kitten for you from a local person who takes in pregnant cats and finds good homes for the kittens. We drove you up to the place and told you only that you had a surprise present waiting for you. The look on your face when you opened the door to see that it was a kitten was worth all the time we talked about it and worried over whether getting you one was the right thing to do. You've had it for hours only and you're already madly in love with it. You've named him Tyson, in honour of your grandparents old cat.

This shouldn't all be about your birthday I guess; this month has been another fun one. You and I started going to our yoga class together again, and continue to do our Wednesday nights together, usually ending with us going out for dinner at our favourite diner.

You have been spending lots of fun time outdoors lately. You have been playing a lot of soccer with me, and you're actually getting really good. You've got a strong kick and a great sense of timing to stop the ball from getting past you. I'll think you'll make a great goalie.

You've taken to eating a lot of freezies lately, although you've decided that they're too cold on the hands to hold. Hence, freezie gloves. So cute.

I have been on a Doctor Who kick this month, catching up with the latest season of the new series, and also watching some classic episodes from the Tom Baker era (a quick search will tell you what I'm talking about). And here's a little thing: Your Mom absolutely hates Doctor Who. I am not sure if its the cheap sets, the bad acting, the terribly fake monsters, but she just does not get my love for this classic series. I do know for sure that the theme music epitomizes her dislike for the show, so if she hears it, she goes nuts. Knowing this, and being who I am, I tend to hum the theme music occasionally, because I think its funny. You've been going to your Mom's rescue though, and whenever you hear me start up, you cover her ears. Its pretty funny.

I love you so much Trin and I can't wait to celebrate the next five years with you.

Love Daddy