Tuesday, August 03, 2010

letter to trinity: 61 months

Dear Trinity,

I am currently in the middle of my summer vacation with you and your Mom, and I just wanted to tell you how much fun I am having, and what a great break it is from my regular work-week life. I get up at 6, leave just after 7, get home at 5:30 or so, eat, play with you for a few minutes, read you a story, go to bed, and start over. And even though I am off on the weekends, it doesn't seem like I get to spend near enough time with you these days. Next month you'll be in school full time, and you'll be gone most of the same time that I am so I likely to see my time with you shrink even further now that your Mom and I will be competing for your attention when you're not in school. Yes, we can spend time as a family, but it is nice to get 1 on 1 time with you. One nice thing for you and I is that your Mom has taken to working on Saturday mornings, so we get some additional Daddy-Daughter time. Last week we went mini-putting and went out for lunch. It was fun.

Its going to be a big adjustment once you go to school, mostly for you of course. But the impact on your Mom isn't going to be a small one either. She's spent almost every day of your life with you so far, and she's going to have some adjusting to do just as you will. So go easy on her, and everything should work out fine.

The word I would use to describe you lately that is the best fit is probably 'cheeky'. You are getting just a little bit spoiled being the only child, and we cave in to you probably more than we should. Because of this, you tend to be more demanding lately than we would like, and when we do say no to you, there's more and more often some push back from you that I could do without. Most of the time you are a perfect model of a child, attentive, curious and well behaved. But sometimes, when you don't get your way, you become a bit of a terror, and I have a hard time figuring out how to get the other kid you just were back. But its rare, and not so big a deal that its causing any real problems. But I thought it was worth mentioning that you are exerting your strong personality in different ways lately.

As far as that vacation I mentioned goes, we're having a great time together. We went down to Niagara Falls for a proper vacation, and it was great. We stayed in a hotel near the Falls and did all the touristy things we could think of. We went to Marineland where you got to touch and feed a beluga whale, took a ride on the Maid of the Mist right under the falls, and your Mom took you up the Skylon Tower to see the view from 500 feet above the city. I didn't do the last one because I have a fear of heights, and while I could have sucked it up for you and gone along, I didn't want to spoil your memory of the event by remembering me cowering at the back of the elevator. Sometimes the best example is the one you don't set.

We walked by a park late on night where they were putting on a free concert and you surprised us by asking if we could go. We then spent the next few hours watching you dance and thrill to a few different performances that included hip hop, country and some stand-up comedy. You repeated some of the jokes for the next few days, and as always it amused everybody to hear the things you find funny. You're big on toilet humour, which I suppose is normal for a kid your age. Personally I still think its funny, and I probably should have grown out of it awhile back.

I don't know what else we have going on this summer. We are going to have my Dad and Mom come visit (separately, seeing as their marriage to each other ended when I was your age, close to 30 years ago). But you love your Grandpa and he loves to play with you, so that should be fun. Your Grandma (she has asked that you call her Nana, which I hate) is a bit of a different grandparent. I think she forgot how to play a long time ago, but she loves you in her own way. We might take you to Santa's Village in the next week, while I am still off. We last took you there 2 years ago, something I had to check by looking at the date stamps on the pictures I took that trip. I was convinced that it was only last summer, and looking at how you were only two years ago, and coupled with the fact that I remember my experiences with you so vividly made me choke up a little.

I could not have imagined feeling the way that I do about a child before having you, and now having you in my life, I can't imagine what my life was like before you were in it. I feel sorry for people who decide not to have children and think their lives full. Having you was the single greatest decision I've ever been involved in, and it bothers me not a bit that my biggest achievement to the world is behind me, because I get to spend the rest of my life enjoying that decision.

Even if you are cheeky.

I love you,



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