Tuesday, October 05, 2010

letter to trinity: 63 months

Dear Trin,

The month of September has come and gone, and with it your first full month of school. What a difference a month makes.

Between yourself, your Mom and I, there was more than enough tension as you were gearing up to be going to school (see any previous letter over the last few months to know its been on my mind). But as it turns out, we were worried unnecessarily, all of us. You love school. You love taking the bus. You love your teacher, your friends. Its fantastic from our point of view, because we were so wrapped up in what happened last fall, where we really think we sent you too soon given that you had previously spent 99% of your time with your Mom, that we missed thinking how much you would take to it.

Now when I come home and you tell me about your day, I actually do get to hear about you learning new things, what you talked about with your friends, something that might have happened on the bus. And don't get me wrong; its not all great. You have days when you don't want to go, or when you beg your Mom to drive you to school so you don't have to go on the bus. But as the weeks go by, there seems to be less and less of that. I am really happy that you are doing so much better than ok.

We went to your school early last month in fact. They held an open house, and you dragged me around the school showing me everything on the way like a tour guide, while your Mom, who has been there lots with you, just watched, smiling with pride. You took us into your classroom, and walked us through how you spend your days, the different activities you do. I got to see a painting you did on the classroom easel, and I just loved it. You have such a creative mind. I hope that I don't do anything but stimulate and encourage that as the years go by.

One thing I did get you into this month past was videogames. I bought what I am sure you will laughably someday look back on as antiquated, a camera/motion control based system that uses a wand style controller that you use to interact with. You love it, and currently your favourite game to play is a virtual fly swatter game. I love that when you interact with any kind of technology, you don't even think about what's behind it, or wonder how to interface with it. You just pick it up and do it. Very cool.

We tried out a Daddy-daughter date night again this month, and while it seemed to go well at the time, you got very upset once we got home, realizing how long you'd been away from your Mom. So we're going to skip it until yoga class starts again next month, and we'll see what happens.

I am sure there's plenty of other things I could be talking about to you, but school was the big thing for a long time around here, and its been so nice to find that the shadow it was casting over us turned out to be little more than a rain cloud that the sun has definitely come out from behind.

I love you so much,