Tuesday, December 07, 2010

letter to trinity: 65 months

Dear Trinity,

What was I just saying about wishing for an early winter? Did I seriously say that? Let me check that last letter again. Yes, I did in fact ask for an early winter, including snow. Wish granted, as it turns out. We did get an early winter this year, along with lots of early deep cold and a large amount of snow. I could have done with the latter and not the former, and to be honest, not that much of the latter. Enough to make a few snowballs would have satisfied me.

That said though, one of us was quite happy with the snow: you. The minute there was enough snow on the ground to make snowmen, we were all laying out in the front yard, making a snow family, complete with your Mom, you and I, and your cat and dog. Turns out you are both quite the creative genius and a director, being equally able to come up with the ideas and delegate the work accordingly.

And you are only too happy to be pulled behind the sled in said snow, regardless of whether we have our husky harnessed to it (which we do, and she loves) or me (which can be seen here):

Personally, I am thinking that its only the 7th of December and I am already tired of the winter weather. I have been driving back and forth from home to Southern Ontario for work a few times already, and I am 4 for 4 for driving through snowstorms. But I digress, I suppose. It can't be a bad thing that you are wanting to play outside, cold or no. And we have talked about me teaching you downhill skiing, something that I have long looked forward to. I used to ski all the time when I was younger, even racing a bit in high school. I wasn't all that good, but I have done a lot of skiing at a lot of hills all over the place, so I should be able to teach you a few things at least. We'll see how that goes.

So other than snow and cold, and my strong feelings about both, what else is going on? Your mother has decided to start christmas decorating ridiculously early this year. The xmas decorations went up this past weekend, marking the earliest point in any year I've lived with her that the inside and outside of my home has looked like Santa's workshop. But it made you happy to help participate (again, plenty of delegating here), and your happiness is the only thing that's on my mind these days.

One of the things that I kind of hope you don't get are too many more Barbies. Seriously, you have so many of these dolls that its looking a bit like we're infested with them. Your Mom and I do intend to get you more for xmas than might be reasonable, but you're are only precious child, and if we can make you happy on xmas without influencing you in a negative way, I'm all for it. Just no more Barbies.

And along the lines of xmas and how much you like it, we have some fun stuff ahead shortly. You and I have yet to do our xmas shopping for your Mom, and we have a party coming up soon at the local community centre. You are also going to be taking part in your school's christmas pageant, all of which should be a lot of fun. You have been practicing your lines in the song you will be singing and I can't wait to attend the event and see how you do in front of an audience. I am amazed at how far you've come already, considering how unhappy you were with just being at school only last year.

Until next month, I love you.