Monday, February 07, 2011

letter to trinity: 67 months

Dear Trinity,

We're well into another cold, dark Northern Ontario winter, and I think we've weathered it pretty well so far. We keep on doing some fun winter activities, going ice fishing, ice skating, lots of winter park play. Your skating has really improved, and I can't believe where you are at in such a short time. We haven't had the chance to go skiing again yet, but I would like to do that again before the season is over. Maybe this month.

Among the things that a father looks forward to are the proud moments, the achievements that he can take joy in seeing his little girl accomplish. Things like watching her graduate, walking her down the aisle, hearing her ask for her very first Doctor Who action figure. Be awhile before those first two happen, but I've already got that last one to keep me going.

You asked me just this past weekend if I could look for a Doctor Who doll for you, specifically a Doctor Who Barbie, but barring that, an action figure would do, or maybe even a toy TARDIS. Chokes me up just thinking about it.

We've had a bit of football fever around here lately. I have been a Green Bay fan for many years, and so it was awesome to see them first make it into the playoffs, then make it to and finally win the Superbowl. I was able to inspire you somewhat, and I think my enthusiasm rubbed off on you. You ended up getting into the thing with me, and you were the life of my Superbowl party.

One other thing that I have been wanting to tell you about is how much you have been enjoying waking me up on the weekends. Some weekends I will crash on the couch, or sleep in late in your Mom and I's bed, and you have this thing where you want to wake me up nicely now. As opposed to what you used to do, which amounted to jumping on me from as high up as you could get yourself first. So now you crawl in and snuggle with me until I am awake, and then we lay under the covers and plan our days. I have told you this before, but that really is some of my most treasured time ever. Just talking and hanging out with my favourite person.

Anyway, I don't have a ton of things to talk about, but I do have lots of pics. I love you Trin. See you next month.