Sunday, July 03, 2011

letter to trinity: 72 months

Dear Trinity,

Its been a big month for you in a few different ways. First up, you finished your first full year of school. When I first heard that there was going to be a graduation ceremony, I was surprised; I hadn't thought of senior kindergarten as something to mark with this kind of event, but knowing what a big deal this year was for you, I was all for it.

This year really was a major milestone for you. You had previously spent your entire life, with a few rare exceptions, in the company of myself, or far more often with your Mom. Last year, you started going to school a few days a week, but that ended up being too hard on everyone, so we pulled you out and you spent the remainder of the year at home. This year, you went to school nearly every single day, taking the bus there and back, and participating fully. You went on school field trips, and brought home books to read, artwork you'd created, tales to share with your Mom and I of your adventures. Your Mom was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with you there as well, volunteering whenever she could, so you did still get to see her. I hope to be a part of plenty of graduation ceremonies over the course of your life, but this first was a very special one.

I should probably tell you the Doctor Who story at some point, and now is no worse than any other. I am a huge scifi/genre fan, and have an affinity for media that your Mom doesn't understand a single bit. I read superhero comics, listen to audiobooks that are made up mostly fantasy and science fiction, and my favourite all time television show is Doctor Who. You know this, as I talk about it sometimes, even though your Mom couldn't care less what happens, but you are interested, so you ask me. You have drawn me pictures of the Tardis, and acted out some Doctor Who play with me, even though you hadn't ever seen the show. So, that last bit changed last month. You had been bugging me to let you watch it, and I picked an episode that was more intro to a new person playing the title character, and didn't have too much scary or inappropriate content. You loved it, and didn't seem to be too affected by it, so I made the mistake of letting you watch another one, that was a little scarier, and had a few moments I had to skip past. The nightmares you had that night and a few since have pretty much guaranteed that you will not want to watch it again for a very long time. You and your Mom have been taking to calling it Doctor Poo. And then giggling. But if that helps you deal with being scared, thats all right by me. I know you'll come around again, and want to be into what Daddy's into again soon enough.

One thing that we've done again this month was a home made fireworks show. The three of us took over your grandparents house over a weekend while they were out of town, and one of the things we took advantage of was the access to their beach, and the ability to set off fireworks on it over the lake in the evening. So your Uncle Dave and I bought a large amount of fireworks of various sizes and set them off, while your Mom, your Aunt Morgan (they're not married, but close enough) and you sat on the dock to watch. It was fun.

While we waited for it to get dark, we each took turns trying to teach you to skip stones. I don't know if this was the best thing to teach you, but that might be because the most skips I could get were 4 or 5. Your Uncle got a few off in the double digits. Look up sour grapes at some point.

You started playing soccer this month. We signed you up for a local league with a number of your playmates and you've been enjoying it for the most part. You play two nights a week, and its sometimes hard to get you excited about it, as you're not quite as keen on the sport as you were last year. But you have gone to most of your games, and you've been getting steadily more confident as you play, engaging more, going after the ball, even scoring a goal at one game. I was out of town for work for that game, but you called me right after and I made a huge deal out of it, even though you downplayed the event. I was (and am) so proud of you. But that's an always thing, not something dependent on you scoring goals.

I can't wait to take some time off with you this summer, enjoy your birthday, and spend some time with you while you're on your school break.

Talk to you next month.

Love Daddy