Thursday, September 08, 2011

letter to trinity: 74 months

Dear Trinity,

Its been an eventful month, overshadowed somewhat by the anxiety that you, your Mom, and yes, even I have been feeling about you going back to school. I took a week off with you and your Mom, and we had lots of fun and a few misadventures, but I'll get there.

First up, we kicked off our vacation time together by camping out in the backyard. And because we live in the boonies, its more like camping than most campsites. We bought a bunch of camping gear, sleeping bags, a nice tent, camp chairs. Dinner around the campfire, mosquitoes, reading stories in the tent, an animal sniffing around the tent in the middle of the night; the whole works. We even happened to be camping on the best night of the summer meteor shower. You and your Mom were out cold by the time the show started, but I layed in the tent and watched the show until the wee hours of the morning. Probably minutes after I fell asleep was when we heard the animal I mentioned.  Based on what we've seen roaming the neighborhood recently, I'm pretty sure it was a bear. Don't freak out or anything. You were as safe as you could be covered in an extremely flimsy house made of nylon.

We took advantage of your grandparent's caretaking duties in a great way this month. They look after a cottage next to their place for a family of Americans, and the cottage is only used for a few days each summer. So when we were talking about going away somewhere, your grandparents wanted us to take advantage of the cottage, and we did. We stayed there for 4 nights, and we got to watch the sunset over the lake every night. We barbecued, played on the beach, and planned to do a lot of swimming and canoeing. It was fantastic.

However. It wasn't all wonderful. I mentioned the planning to swim and canoe. We didn't get to do as much of those as I had wanted us to, or rather, I didn't get to do as much of them as I wanted to. On our first canoe trip out in the main lake, we decided to paddle over to an island close to shore. In trying to make sure that your Mom didn't have to get out first, even though I was at the rear, I made a pretty silly mistake. I misjudged the water depth when trying to get out to pull the canoe ashore, and when it looked like I was going to tip you both in the lake, I slammed my foot down hard to try to balance it out. In so doing, I cut my foot quite badly on a rock. A trip to the hospital and a number of stitches later, I put a bit of a damper on the vacation, but we made the best of it.One really awesome thing was that you found something called a Cast Shield when looking with your Mom at the drugstore for something I could use to swim without getting my foot at all wet. It looked a bit ridiculous, but it worked like magic. You rock.

What else did we do this month? Well, we made another trip down south, this time a working vacation. I had to go down to St. Catharines for work for a few days, but with you both off, I was able to bring you both with me. So while I was at work all day, you and your Mom managed to find some fun things to do, in the city you were born in. You went and visited with your Aunt (my sister) and your cousins, you did some shopping with your Mom, and some swimming in the hotel pool. We managed to do a few fun things in the evenings though, one of them being going to one of the few remaining drive in theaters in Canada. There's something to be said for the experience of chilling out in your car and watching a movie on a gigantic screen. The movie, in case you were wondering was the Smurfs. And you loved it.

So now we come to the elephant in the room: back to school. It hung around a lot over the summer, lots of conversations about how anxious you were, how you didn't want to go to school, switch teachers, move into a different grade. But the day has now come and gone where you got back on the bus and drove to school for the first time this year, and you're going to be fine with it. I think you will have some adjustments to make, but I know you are up for it. You are smart, and friendly, and empathetic to your friends, and make new ones easily, so I expect that this won't be as bad as we think it might be. But I'll update you more next month.


Your Daddy