Sunday, October 09, 2011

letter to trinity: 75 months

Dear Trinity,

So you've now got a month of school under your belt, and it turns out that it wasn't as bad as it could have been after all. The first few weeks the only thing you wanted to tell us about school was that it was boring. But now that you are starting to get into the new and challenging things you are doing, you seem to be anything but bored. You are doing much more complicated reading, and math, and have started really talking about things like science and even a little history. I am so proud of my little princess for making the most of a situation that she didn't embrace in the first place.

One of the challenges that neither you nor we were expecting was the way that some of your friendships would change. The girl who was your best friend last year and you spent a lot of time with over the summer, seems to want to spend her time at school with one of the new boys in the class. These things happen, but it turns out that you aren't the kind of kid to take that lying down. You shocked me when you showed me a book you made for this little girl, identifying the problem that was coming between your friendship. It showed a depth to you that I wouldn't have expected to see surface like that. Plus the book was really cute.

So speaking of making books though, I wanted to talk for a moment about what you want to spend the time you aren't either sleeping or in school doing: colouring pictures and making books out of them. Your pictures are becoming sophisticated enough that you can tell a narrative inside the pages. Its really cool actually. You've made me a few of them, and they always make me smile. It comes across as a little bit borderline obsessive, as you really want to be colouring all the time. In the car, during dinner, during a movie even.

Speaking of movies, we took you to see The Lion King in 3D this month, and it was a pretty funny coincidence that we ran into one of the new girls in your Grade 1 class at the same show. Coincidence because your school is a rural one, and we rarely run into your classmates in town. But it was great. You got to sit beside your friend, and you too laughed and whispered the whole movie. Even when you were taking time to colour a picture during the show.

One last thing that I wanted to talk about was your position on Halloween this year. Its interesting, because its different than the last few. You are becoming very sensitive to scary things, probably having to do with some certain family member exposing you to something that you were too young for (ahem. Doctor Who, anyone?). So now you try your best to avoid the Halloween sections of anywhere we shop, you don't like to see Halloween commercials, and you have decided that you want nothing to do with trick or treating this year. Instead you want to host a Halloween party at our house, and you've invited lots of family, family friends, etc. I think its going to be fun to go this route. And we're all included in the requirements to dress up, so you've been trying to help me figure out what your Mom and I what will wear, and how that will change what you are going to wear yourself. Currently, you are going to go as Rapunzel as a bride. That has somehow made your Mom Eugene, and me Maximus, the horse. All from the Disney movie Tangled in case you need context. Should be an interesting party.

Love you,