Saturday, November 05, 2011

letter to trinity: 76 months

Dear Trinity, 

Another month goes by, and I'm here to give you a few highlights. 

We've been up to a few new things lately. Your uncle jumped right on the thought that we might buy a four wheeler (we've been talking about getting one), so he took us all out on some trail riding. We had fun, but we might have gone a little too far off the regular trails; by the time we got home, only Uncle Dave still wanted us to get a four wheeler. You found it uncomfortable, and your Mom had a fair bit of anxiety when we got into a few tight/steep/potentially dangerous spots. 

An update on the Halloween party we talked about. We did have your Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents over for a little house party to compensate for not going out for Halloween. Everyone was told the price of admission was either wearing a costume or their pyjamas. Most opted for a costume. You played a great host, we ate spooky treats, scary punch, played some games. But here's the funny part: We did this because you decided against trick or treating, but when the big night came, you had a change of heart. So we ended up driving you around the neighborhood anyways. You made out like a bandit. 

Your challenges with school haven't been going away, I'm afraid. We had a parent teacher interview and had a pretty frank discussion with your teacher about some of the issues you've been facing. The bottom line is that this year you spend time outside of the classroom by yourself, and when you are in the classroom, you're bored out of your mind. You stress about going to school all the time when you're home, and your Mom and I are pretty concerned. We'll see what happens now that we've spoken with your teacher again, but it might be time to look at other options. Your Mom would love to home school you I think, but I don't think socializing with only a 35 year old is your best option, cool as that 35 year old is. 

One other challenge of note before I get to The Coolest Thing Ever: Bedtime has been a bit of a challenge lately, maybe due to the aforementioned school issues. Lately as soon as it looks like bedtime is on the horizon, you start acting out, wanting to play hard, usually until someone sustains a minor injury, and you pick that moment to start asking any question you think we'll get us to talk and forget that you needed to go to bed. Lots of fun.

Now, The Coolest Thing Ever. You read the entire book Green Eggs and Ham to us this month, in one sitting, without prompting. We have been reading to you almost every night since we found out you were coming, and you have been reading to us sporadically, sometimes books from school, sometimes some of your own shorter books. But I haven't had a prouder moment since you were born until the day you asked if you could read that book to me, cover to cover. It was awesome. 

See you next month.