Tuesday, December 06, 2011

letter to trinity: 77 months

Dear Trinity, 

Winter is coming. Sorry, I've been reading 'A Song of Ice and Fire' a lot and I've been saying that a lot lately. I'll explain someday. 

That said, it is coming. We had a really early snowfall this year, so it's barely into December and we've got a lot of snow on the ground. We've been doing some early tobogganing, building snowmen, snow tag, all that good stuff. Neither the ski hill, nor any of the outdoor ice rinks will be ready for weeks, but they're coming. 

You've had a fun month since we last spoke. Your Mom and I took a mini-vacation for a few days (our first in so very long), so you spent the time we were gone with your grandparents. You've had sleepovers with them before, but never because we were out of town, nor for so long. You weathered it great; went to school as per usual, stayed up late with the grandparents, and very likely tired them out. 

You also had a unique experience at school. I won't comment on the continuing challenges there, but you did get selected to be the star in the Grade 1/2 presentation at this year's Remembrance Day ceremony. They did a group sing of a Dixie Chicks song called Travellin' Soldier, and it centers around a girl with a bow in her hair. And that girl was played by you. You did great, but I think all of the smiling and thumbs up we did before the ceremony only added to your anxiety, instead of relieving it. 

One new thing we tried out this past month: real live bowling. We've been playing Wii bowling for a long time at home, and thought that we should take all of your butt-kicking skills out in the real world. You did great, and because of the 'no-gutterball' rule they have for kids (guards come up to prevent the ball from going over), you beat your Mom and I pretty handily. 

Anyways, big month ahead. Christmas is coming, and I'm going to try to spend some extra time with you guys. Hopefully the ski hill will be open, as you really loved that last year and have been asking about it regularly. 

Love you lots,