Thursday, December 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 89 months

Dear Trin,

So this month, we've managed to fit in some fun stuff. The weather is cooler now, and all of our fun outdoor toys are put away until the spring. We are working on getting some colder weather activities ramped up for you though. We went to the ski exchange this month, and bought you some downhill equipment. You've loved downhill skiing the last few years that I've been taking you, and this year, we're going to put you in regular lessons, and help you to get more confident about the sport. Your Mom is freaked out about you hurting yourself, but we dress appropriately; helmets, etc, and you are very cautious. I think you'll be fine, and I hope to help instill a lifelong love of outdoor sports in you. And it could always be worse: you could be interested in hockey.

We took you to see not one, but two Santa Claus parades this year. The first one, was the same as it has been every year we've taken you previously: the crowd is quiet, the floats are more or less the same as the ones they had last year, and the only real bright spot for you is the heavy man in the red suit always seeming to find you where you are in the crowd and send a genuine smile and a wave in your direction. We also took you to something new, in an evening parade a few weeks later. This one was so much more fun. All the floats were lit up, and it seemed like everyone in the little town we went to attend this thing in were a part of the festivities. We'll definitely go back.

And its funny. With christmas coming this month, I find it interesting that you've been quiet about the whole santa claus thing. I never thought that I would raise a child to believe in the fellow at all, but that was an argument I lost a very long time ago with your mother. I did (and still do) say that I would never, ever lie to you about what I believed, and so far the peace has been kept because you've never asked. You will someday, and I will tell you the truth. You deserve nothing less from me.

We took you to see Wreck it Ralph this month, and it immediately became your favourite animated movie (and mine) next to Brave. There was of course a video game tie in, and you very quickly got really good at it. Even made the high score list along with some of the movie's characters. I put the game on my phone and your mother's, and we've had a few head to head battles. You legitimately beat me, in fact. First time for everything.

We went to have our Parent Teacher interviews with your Grade 2 teacher, and continue to be pleased with our choice to switch your school last year. Your teacher this year really seems to like you, and under her guidance, you've really come out of the shell you were in at your old school. You take part in class activities, you have more confidence, and ask more questions. We don't just know it from talking to your teacher; we see it at home all the time now. But its nice to have it validated while talking with her.

I am going to have the same 2 weeks off that you will very soon. I wasn't sure how time off with your mother would work over the holidays, so I just booked the whole two weeks off. I am looking forward to it, but I also want to make sure that you have enough to do. Nothing worse than you getting bored, and then bemoaning what little you got to do once you do return to school. So we'll take you to your first ski lesson I spoke of, maybe go swimming once or twice. We also have a road trip to your Grandpa's cottage, so we can stay with them while your Aunt and cousins are also there. I think that will be fun.

Talk to you in the new year.



Tuesday, November 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 88 months

Dear Trinity,

Some interesting things to talk about this time around.

You've taken lately to talk in your sleep a little bit. Its mostly new for me, so the first few times it happened, it  caught me by surprise. I heard you talking, thought you were awake, so went in to check and heard you garble something totally incomprehensible, roll over and go back to sleep. I'll keep you posted on this one.

One major thing that happened in the past month is your Mom's surgery. She's had some stomach pains over the last months, and it turns out her gall bladder was defective, and causing her a lot of trouble. So she had it removed in early October, and this facilitated a night at the hospital, and some convalescence at home. It has been strange for you seeing your Mom out of action, unable to do the things you have always been used to. But you have been an absolute trooper about it, being brave and helping out when you can.

We got to spend some more time with my side of the family this month. It was your Grandpa's 65th birthday this month, and everyone travelled to meet up somewhere central to everyone. So your Grandpa and his wife met us and your Aunt and cousins. We all went for dinner, and ended up staying at a hotel and spending some time in the pool. You were pretty upset when it was time for the visit to end, so we've planned a future trip down to your Aunt's place for December. That should be fun.

Another Halloween has come and gone as well, and this year, you were less anxious about it than you had been in previous years. You like the idea of it, but find a lot of the decorations and rituals scary. When I actually thought it through, I realized that's not that surprising after all. I like scary stuff, and have always loved Halloween. I think the dressing up as something else has always been the biggest draw for me. Costumes are fun! But this year, you decided to go as a vampire, and got to go around the neighbourhood with your best friend from down the road.  Its really cool to go around to people we already know, because we don't second guess anyone's intentions, and you already feel safe and comfortable with them. I can't imagine taking you around to areas that we don't know anyone now.

It should be a fun month ahead for us. Santa Claus parade, Parent Teacher interviews, we're looking to some activities to get you involved in. You've asked me to look into a Daddy-Daughter Yoga class again, and I'm doing my best to find one for us. I'll let you know how that goes. 

I love you, 


Friday, October 05, 2012

letter to trinity: 87 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, we're now a month into school, and things are going very well this year. Changing you schools last year was one of the best decisions we've ever made. You are not only not hating school, you are actually enjoying it, and flourishing in your new environment. Its gotten so far, that on the few times that we've offered to drive you into school, (if Mom's going in to your school, for example), you have turned us down in favour of rising the bus, because you enjoy it so much. Who knew?

Its football season for me, and as the only organized sport that I watch regularly (Go, Packers!), its fun to get you guys involved in my pastime. So you recently got into a game of backyard football with Mom and I. You both trounced me pretty good, and you took the whole 'touch' part of touch football a little far, but it was so much fun.

Another one of those 'your so cool' moments happened this month. We were playing some game and I thought I'd throw in a little Star Trek and pretended to 'Mind Meld' you. I put my fingers on your face, started intoning Spock's famous words (My mind to your mind) and you shocked me by finishing the whole thing. I had no idea you were paying that close attention or even would have ever seen the whole thing. Now we do it every once in awhile. I think its funny, your Mom winces mostly good-naturedly, and you are still so cool.

Just know how much your Dad loves you.

Talk to you next month.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

letter to trinity: 86 months

Dear Trinity,

This month, we wrapped up an interesting summer. It was the first one where your Mom and I both worked, and there was some juggling to make sure you were looked after. I was off a lot in August to accommodate, and I loved the time off you and I spent together. We did the usual stuff; swimming at the lake, day trips to town, visits to the park, a few play dates with your friends. We had gotten you a starter archery set (suction cups only!) and we taught each other to shoot. You're pretty good. I intend to learn the real thing myself, and once I know, and its safe, I plan to teach you how to shoot a real bow as well. We also managed to have a few interesting conversations and I thought I'd start there.

You and I were up late one evening, and we'd been looking at the stars. You are aware of my fascination with science fiction, space travel, and the possibility of life elsewhere. We were talking about how many stars there are in just our own local galaxy, and I am pretty sure that at seven, you're still struggling with the idea of millions of anything, let alone millions of stars. I struggle myself with that sometimes and I'm pushing forty. But while we were talking, you told me that you thought there must be aliens, because with all those stars, some of them must have planets with life on them. I was proud and a little shocked. I think I was a lot older when I came to the same realization.

We also had an interesting conversation about religion this month. It must have been all that time we had to just hang out. I can't remember what was said exactly, but you came with a question around god, from something that one of your friends had said in an off hand remark. So you asked what 'we' believed, and you knew to ask because you had an inkling of where I stood already. So I did my best to encourage you to be skeptical. To understand that people believe in a lot of different things, which really boils down to everyone holding more or less the same belief in an unprovable, unknowable, imaginary friend. We talked about some of them believing in one god, some in many, some in none at all. We talked about Thor, Jesus, lots of different people and fictional characters that have been worshipped along man's course in history. "He's kind of a spirit, and spirits don't even exist", was your exact stance on the subject. Again, its a proud moment when I realize that I am raising a smart, critical thinker capable of coming to rationale conclusions on her own.

We managed to do a few other things as well this past month. We spent a weekend at your Grandpa's cottage and that was a lot of fun. You tried your hand at kayaking, went to a Garlic Festival in a local village. It was a good time.

You tried your hand at rock climbing for the first time, after first making a deal that would see me go first. I did, in spite of my fear of heights and prior rock climbing experiences that didn't make me fall in love with the sport. You were a real pro at it, right off the bat. I love your adventurous spirit.

See you next month,

Love Daddy

Sunday, August 05, 2012

letter to trinity: 85 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, we're halfway through the summer.

This past month you've been busy. You attended our Family Reunion, and got to spend the afternoon with my extended family. Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, your Grandpa, etc. We had it at my Aunt and Uncle's place on a lake only a few hours drive from us. It was nice to see you interact with your cousins on my side of the family. One of the downsides of living remotely is the rarity in which you see them. You swam in the lake almost every minute we were there, and had a blast. It was nice.

You lost another front tooth this month, giving you one beautiful gap-toothed smile. You've lost 6 of your baby teeth total so far, and its bittersweet when I say that you're getting your 'adult set'. It won't be long at all, I think before you grow into them.

Your love affair with Scooby Doo continues unabated. It will wear off soon enough, but for now, its your obsession. You watch the movies over and over, read comics/books, and play out scenes from the show, or make up your own mysteries. Its fun seeing you get into something so much, and what can I say? I like reading/watching/playing along with you.

You had your very first sleepover with a friend this month. Your best friend from down the road slept over, and it went over almost too easy. You have never really wanted to do it, but your buddy and you discussed it on the bus, and came home with a plan to make it happen. I'm glad that you have good friends to want to spend that kind of time with.

You are really starting to get into some of the things that I am into. I caught you humming the melody to a Led Zeppelin song the other day, and I swelled with pride. I think it was 'When the Levee Breaks', my all time favourite. And the air guitar you do is just the best!

Its been a great summer so far. I've taken a bunch of time off already to hang out with you while Mom works, and its the kind of time that is the best use of me that I can think of. We have had fun, lots of swimming, hanging out, day trips. And more of the same through the rest of this month!

Love you,


Monday, July 09, 2012

letter to trinity: 7 years

Dear Trinity,

It looks like this is going to be a bit of a weird summer. For the first time since you came into our lives, both your Mom and I will be working. This puts us in the unique position of having to make arrangements for you while there is no school and both of us are at work on weekdays. Most other families have figured this out long ago by this time, but in case you haven't figured it out, we don't like to be like everyone else. I am fortunate that I have a job where I can take time off, and because I haven't taken much over the last few years, I've got a lot of it saved up. So I'm going to take a few weeks off with you, your Mom can take you with her to work some days, and we'll arrange for a sitter for you on the days when those don't work out. It'll be interesting, but we'll make it work.

It was a pretty big weekend for you this past. Your Aunt Becky got married to her long time boyfriend. I don't know if you'll ever call him your Uncle, but I suppose now that they're married, he is.

There's been a lot of talk about you not wanting to grow up, maybe in part due to the last few things I've talked about (people having to work, people getting married). I don't blame you kiddo. Stay young as long as you can. Life is fun, but it doesn't get better than being a kid in a safe, loving environment. I hope you feel like you're getting that from us.

You had another birthday this month. Seven this time. It goes fast man, and faster every year. We had a party just for your friends at the house this year, no family this time out. It was what you wanted, and you got to see your extended family separately. So more opportunities for you to feel special, which is always good.

See you next month.

Love Daddy

Sunday, June 17, 2012

letter to trinity: 83 months

Dear Trin,

Time keeps on slipping, as they say. Or at least as one obscure song from the 70's would have us believe. Thing is, that song was right. I am writing this (a little late this month) on Father's Day less than a month before your 7th birthday. It hits me at odd times, this idea that I have a child as old as you are. The idea of time slipping away is such a cliche, but once you're living it, it has a lot more substance.

Anyway. Your birthday party will be in a few weeks. We're going to do it the weekend before your birthday, which actually falls on a Wednesday this year, as the weekend afterwards your Aunt is getting married. What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a party for the most important person in your Mom and I's lives? Plus, an even better excuse for fireworks than usual. I'll let you know how it goes.

It should be an interesting summer ahead. Your Mom is now working full time, and she will be working 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. With me working Monday through Friday that means that I'll get the day with you on Saturday, your Mom on Monday, and Sundays are all three of us. During the week, you'll be spending the days with your grandparents, mostly your Grandma. I think you'll have a lot of fun there. She spoils you pretty hard; mostly does whatever it is that you want to do. I am really happy that relationship is becoming what it is, and I hope that as you get older you get to keep the closeness you have with her. Your Mom and I both have very special places in our hearts for our own Grandmothers, and I hope that you get that as well.

I will be taking a few weeks off, and I'll get to spend most of that time with you. I don't have anything too crazy planned for when it is just us, but I'll come up with something. I foresee beach day trips, playing in the yard, maybe some do it yourself crafty things. A friend of mine sent me specs to a pretty amazing sounding do it yourself hovercraft. We'll see if we can make something like that happen. When its all three of us, we have a list of things we want to do. Camping, staying at my Dad's cottage, trip to the zoo, family reunion, wedding. We'll have a busy summer.

I wanted to let you know about a quirk of mine that might not be in evidence as you get older. I have this habit of making up nicknames for you on the spot; some I re-use, others you never hear twice. Some recent examples are honey bear, pickle, skipper, stretch, legs, Dr. Snuggles, the list goes on. One that has come up more than once is Black Canary, or Canary for short, as you have this laugh you do when expressing cynicism or pleasure with something that you've seen/done so many times that you don't laugh automatically, but belt out a really loud HA! sound. I liken it to the Black Canary's sonic scream superpower, hence the nickname.

Before I go, I wanted to say thank you for the great day you and your Mom have given me so far today. You both made me breakfast, which was bacon and eggs. Perfect. You got me a blender to make my noisy morning smoothies in. You made me a clay modelled pen and holder set, which will be going on my desk at work. You made me a sign that instructs people what to when they're standing on my freshly planted and barely growing grass.

You're the highlight of my life.

I love you,


Friday, May 11, 2012

letter to trinity: 82 months

Dear Trinity,

I am sure that there are other things going on this month to talk about, and we'll get to them, but the first and most important bit of business to get to is the trip we recently took to DisneyWorld.

It was a lot of firsts, this trip. First time we took a real family vacation, your first trip since infancy out of the country, your first time in a plane. Everyone's first time to the happiest place on earth. And I was right, as it turned out. Once we started to get close to the day we were going to leave, you did start to get ridiculously excited to go.  

You had a really great time. You went on rides, you played games, you got to go to a special boutique for little princesses. For that one, you got to select your favourite princess costume and had your hair, nails, and makeup done. It was very special, and even though you went the 2nd of 4 days there, you wore that costume the entire rest of the trip. 

You found a few rides you really liked. There was a Buzz Lightyear interactive game that you really enjoyed, and we had to do that a few times to get your fill. You also found a ride you hated so much that we had to go on it no less than 3 times. It was an old ride, probably one of the oldest in the park. A ride in a mock mine cart as you get wheeled on a track by alternately scary and cute pictures from the Snow White story. You probably wouldn't have cared much about the ride except for a few particularly scary images of the witch. Because of her, we just had to go back.

Another item that I think that you'd like to remember is your experience meeting the Disney princesses. We got you a journal to make notes in and get autographs for, and on your own you thought that you might like to document some questions to ask the girls when you met them. And when you met first Ariel, and then Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Aurora, you patiently asked them your questions, and they wrote their answers in themselves or told them to you before they signed. It was adorable, and I want to make sure that you hang on to that book. I've digitized it for you just in case. 

One final Disney story. We had a running gag going the entire time we were down there that had me laughing every single time. I'd ask you how you felt about missing school, and every time without fail, you would deadpan "I wouldn't say I'm missing it, Dad". Hilarious. 

One noteworthy non-Disney related update for you. The bus and school puzzle seems to be fitting together better these days. Every day I wait until I've put you on the bus before leaving for work, and its become a really fun thing for the two of us. We get to talk, just the two of us, even for a few minutes. Somedays I'll bring a storybook with us, if we've been working on one, other days you and I play this game where we take turns calling out what we have to do next (hop backward 6 times, take 2 giant steps forward, etc). Its the best way to start my day, and that's saying something. I've started getting up at 6 in the morning every day, and every 2nd day I run 5 kilometers before you even get up. As good as that feels, and it feels really good, the highlight of my day is seeing you wave back at me from the bus, all smiles. I know that you're going to be ok, and that makes me so happy. 

I love you kiddo, 


Sunday, April 08, 2012

letter to trinity: 81 months

Dear Trinity,

This past month I went on a little solo adventure and attended a science fiction convention. I wanted to take you with me, but I knew (and was later validated) that there would be people in costumes and displays that would have scared the hell out of you. Among other things, I did see some really great cosplayers (people dressed up in the costumes of popular comics, anime, movies/tv personalities) and most of them were characters from  Doctor Who.  I also came across a very cool toy that I had not previously known existed: Doctor Who Lego. So I snapped it up and the next day you enthusiastically dove into it, building the Tardis, and making up adventures for the Doctor and Amy figures that came with it. You haven't seen the show since that debacle months ago when I let you watch The Eleventh Hour a little too early, and you promptly set about recreating the pivotal scene where young Amelia meets the time lord for the first time. I could hardly have been prouder.

We have seen a recurrence, or maybe a cont. nuation of those troubles with school again. You have been having a really hard time with getting up for school, getting on the bus, getting dropped off. You continue to worry all day Sundays about having to go to school and once Monday rolls around the only thing on your mind is Friday night. We're going to try to make some changes, and hopefully they will help you feel better about going. Quite honestly, I have always known that you are very aware that your Mom is at home after you go to school, and its caused a lot of the concern you have. You figure if Mom gets to stay home, why shouldn't you? And I think that transfers over to when your Mom tries to put you on the bus, ir drop you off at school. We had a visit with the school principal and he agrees. So, starting now, I am staying home a little later in the mornings, and I am going to put you on the bus. I think it will be tough for a little while, but we'll get through it.

So, DisneyWorld. We are starting to talk more about it now, but its funny. You have actually asked us not to talk about it, and if we throw on the DVD to look for any new info we haven't seen yet, you leave the room in a huff. You've even gone so far as to say that you don't want to go. I have it chalked up that you are worried because its so far away, and that once we actually do get close to the date, things will change. Next time I write you I will have a lot more to tell you on this subject, because we'll have already gone.

Let's talk about something that you do like a lot these days: Scooby-Doo. I had introduced it to you a few years ago (again, just a little too soon) and you were not happy with it. But you caught it at a friend of yours recently and can't get enough of it. Now we record it every day, we rent the movies, and you watch them over and over. You love to try to figure out who the villain is in ones you haven't seen yet, and I can't figure out if you identify more with Velma or Daphne. I think you currently want to be both of them. Its fun because other than a few movies that we've both liked over the years, a lot of the content you've been into hasn't been my cup of tea. But I'm as big a fan of Scooby as you are. I grew up with the old cartoons, so its fun to watch with you. I'll keep feeding this particular craving for as long as I can, but I won't claim success until you want to watch Star Wars with me.

I love you,


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

letter to trinity: 80 months

Dear Trinity,

I thought I'd spend a few minutes giving you an update on those electives I talked about last month. I need to repeat how much we really love that new school of yours. They took you to a number of fun things last month; gymnastics, and swimming. The only update about that last one  is that you have been repeatedly asking to sign up for swimming lessons. You can already swim like a fish, but the lessons might be fun for you. Stand by on that one. The elective I want to talk about was one that the school not only let me be involved in, but asked for help with, as apparently there weren't that many skating Moms/Dads available for this one. So I took the afternoon off, and got to skate with your class, helping tie laces up, pick up fallen down classmates, and generally watching you skate circles around the other kids your age. I will also admit to getting some guilty pleasure out of watching you show off your Dad to your new school chums. I love how much you love me. Someday, you'll shake your head at me being validated this way, but as much as being a parent is reward enough, it is nice to know how much you love your Dad.

A little more on that gymnastics thing. After realizing how much you loved the elective, we signed you up for regular sessions at another local club. You used to go in the before-school days, as part of 'the things we had you do in order to socialize with other kids' plan. You loved it back then and are at least as big a fan now. I think its the trampoline that you like the most. The things you were most anxious about were the balance beam and the climbing rope, so again, it was with no small amount of pride that I took a pic of you clambering up the rope, going hand over hand like a little monkey.

Here's a thing that we hastily realized was a mistake. When the tv is on and you are around/awake, we have made a collective decision to put on only kid-friendly shows, and we err on the side of caution. So its kid's channels, or movies that we've seen before, knowing they're ok for you to watch. We don't put on anything remotely inappropriate (insert argument here about introducing you to Doctor Who not that long ago, but I still stand behind that action). We've even become those people who take our content decisions on the road with us, something that your Mom's Dad finds inordinately frustrating, as we ask him to change the channel every time we come into his house. Its most often the news, and based on the way the news cycle works, that is almost always something that no 6 year old should have to watch. But the mistake part: We thought we'd break our own rule to let you watch a game show that we figured would be safe. So it wasn't until we got you really interested in watching the Family Feud that we realized every second survey question had a double-entendre, or poorly veiled sexual innuendo inside it. I think the first time you guessed stripper before the contestants did was the moment I realized our error.

I teased last month about a trip that we were planning on taking, and we're committed to it now. Wait for it: The Brown Family is going to Disneyworld. I don't think they're going to be ready for us, but we're going anyways. So in April we're going to go down for 4 days to the happiest place on earth and see if it lives up the hype. I am looking forward to seeing the experience as its reflected in your eyes. I am sure I'll have fun too, but this is the sort of thing that's all about making memories. It will be your first trip on a plane, your first trip to another country (not counting the handful of times we went across the border when we lived down south).

One last thing. You and I experienced a pretty nasty cold this past month. I think took a good three weeks to run its course with you, and as I type this, I still have a piece of it. So, I did something that I hadn't yet done before. You and I took a sick day together while your Mom went to work, something that she's only very recently taken to doing on a very part-time basis. But it meant that our house was a Sick Bay for just the two of us for the day. We both camped out on the couch, feeling sorry for ourselves, watching movies, colouring, and convalescing together. I think we both had way too much fun, but it made us forget how sick we were for a bit.

See you next month,

Love Daddy

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

letter to trinity: 79 months

Dear Trinity,

Well we're halfway through another winter, or close enough thereabouts.

You attended a play this month with a few of the classes from your new school. Your Mom got to go along to chaperone, and that part you liked. The play itself, not so much. You went to see a local production of Annie, and when I got home from work and asked you how it was you spelled out your feelings for me, and wouldn't say another word about it. You told me Annie was spelled H-A-T-E.  I don't know what it was about it that you disliked so much, and your Mom didn't seem to know either, but hopefully it doesn't hold for all theater, just that one. I hope to take you to some cool performances someday. I've thought about taking you to the ballet (not something super high on my list of fun things to do), but I think it would be a really interesting thing to experience, and if I went with you, I know I could enjoy it. Maybe the opposite could be true too.

One of the fun features of that shiny new school of yours that we love so much has shown itself this month: winter electives. Your old school either didn't do them, or didn't do them for your grade. Either way, it amounts to the same thing. But your new school offers a different activity one day per week in February. So far, you've done swimming only; basically most of your school went to the YMCA and took the place over. Your Mom chaperoned that one too. Next month you get to try gymnastics (something that you've done many times, as we had you in classes before), and then its skating at an outdoor rink, and I am chaperoning that one. I am really excited to take part in something to do with your school life, even if its just an afternoon at the rink.

Speaking of outdoor activities, you and I went out for our second year of downhill skiing, and it was fantastic. Things started out slowly, and in the beginning you were leaning on me to do a lot of the work for you. So we held hands a lot and I think we were both getting a little frustrated. But once you started to feel confident enough, and I encouraged you enough, you tried snowplowing, turning on your own. And after that, there was no looking back. By the end of the day, you were able to get down the hill all on your own. Sure there were plenty of falls, some accidental, and some where you fell back when you were getting scared or felt out of control (I was so happy that you listened to me on that one). But you had a great time, and want to go back again soon. And as proud of yourself as you were, and should have been, you really liked being able to ride the lift up all by yourself the most.

One noteworthy item this month, is how your playing has becoming more and more sophisticated. I don't know if its the new school or you just developing, but it seems like your play gets more interesting all the time. Since xmas, you have been playing with this one special doll that your Mom's parents got for you, and you've taken to calling her your sister. She's one of these handmade dolls that has their own name, fitted clothing, etc. It looks pretty lifelike actually, and you like to play together, get read to and tucked in together. You've taken it outside with you to play, and have generally become quite attached to it. Your Mom and I took this to mean that maybe you would want a sibling after all, so we asked you how you felt about it, to which you promptly responded no, that your doll is the only sister you need.

I am really feeling lately that my time with you is so short, no matter how long I am going to get to be around for. I had a little health scare that's played out over the last few months, and so far it hasn't amounted to anything major. Hopefully it doesn't. I want to be around for you for a long time to come. But between that and the pretty big changes I've gone through recently at work, I've been thinking a lot about what I am missing. I don't work really long hours at work or take frequent trips out of town any more, nor am I out every night with friends or anything. I am home with you a lot of the time, and we do lots of different things together. We play games and cards together  (old maid and go fish are your current favourites), colour together, sometimes we'll build a huge fort and just chill out. I am home to have supper with you every night and have a bedtime routine where I read to you before sleep every other night. I try to do things that I think will be fun for you (like taking you skiing), but no matter what I do, it feels like it isn't enough sometimes. I guess I get a little greedy, but I don't know how long I will get to be around for, and the one thing I know with a certainty is that I'll never look back on my life and wish that I had spent less of it with you. Just in case you need me to say it, or if its not evident in my actions, you are the most important thing in my life.

So one of the things that all this leads to is that I am going to stay home every morning to put you on the bus. Your Mom chafes at this one a bit, because up until now, that has been her domain, but if I only stay another 10-15 minutes later and it means I get to put my little girl on the bus, its worth it to me. Another thing this is likely to lead to is a family vacation. Your Mom and I have talked over the last few years about taking you to a certain place in Florida that's mostly for kids. Think castles, rides, animated mouses with big ears. So we are doing some digging into that and seeing if we can make it work. I hope to have more to tell you on that one in later letters.

I love you,


Friday, January 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 78 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, a new year is here, and I have some things to tell you about.

We finally decided what to do about your issues at school, and in part because of your asking, we ended up switching you to a new one. So now you go to the school that your Mom and I went to when we were both kids, which is pretty neat. The people at the school were extremely welcoming and understanding of some of the issues you've been having around you not relating to the other kids at the old school, the boredom you've been facing, the general anxiety you've been having about school in general. You also got to be a part of the holiday play, which was really great because you only started a few weeks before school let out for the year.

We invented a new game over at your Uncle's house. He has a floor rug with square patterns on it showing various outdoor animals, leaves, etc. So we created an impromptu game of twister on it one afternoon while we were visiting. You enjoyed 'Redneck Twister' so-called, so much that you ended up getting the real game for xmas, and we've been playing a lot of it.

Speaking of xmas, another one of those has come and gone. Santa was good to you this year, as were your parents, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, etc, etc. But in spite of being the only kid handy to spoil like crazy, you so far manage to stay unspoiled. You actually were as interested in giving presents and seeing the reactions those got than getting presents of your own. Some of the presents you picked out on your own  with your Mom and I, some you bought at the bazaar at your old school, and some you made all on your own.

In other news, you've started something completely new this month: sleepwalking. You woke us up one night when we heard loud noises in the middle of the night coming from the basement stairs, and it turned out to be you coming back up from a little foray down there with the lights off. I think you got out of bed, went downstairs, used the bathroom, and then came up to stand in our doorway, dragging a blanket from the basement with you. It must have been a cold sleepwalk. We'll be keeping an eye on that one.

Lastly, there will be a few changes coming related to your Mom and my work life. To date, since you came into our lives, your Mom has not worked, but first stayed home with you until you were old enough to go to school, and then volunteered a lot at your school. Now you've switched schools, and she might not have the opportunity to help out as much, so it looks like she'll be working more to help out. And there's been a bit of a wrinkle at my work. I am about to start a new job, and while it wasn't of my choosing, I am going to use the opportunity to start over somewhat. So no more of these crazy long days, trips out of town a lot. I will be home earlier, and might even have the opportunity to pick you up from school sometimes.

Here's to hoping the weather starts getting colder and we get more snow, so we can start doing some of the winter activities you love and keep asking for. We've got skating, downhill skiing and ice fishing to do!

Love you lots,