Friday, January 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 78 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, a new year is here, and I have some things to tell you about.

We finally decided what to do about your issues at school, and in part because of your asking, we ended up switching you to a new one. So now you go to the school that your Mom and I went to when we were both kids, which is pretty neat. The people at the school were extremely welcoming and understanding of some of the issues you've been having around you not relating to the other kids at the old school, the boredom you've been facing, the general anxiety you've been having about school in general. You also got to be a part of the holiday play, which was really great because you only started a few weeks before school let out for the year.

We invented a new game over at your Uncle's house. He has a floor rug with square patterns on it showing various outdoor animals, leaves, etc. So we created an impromptu game of twister on it one afternoon while we were visiting. You enjoyed 'Redneck Twister' so-called, so much that you ended up getting the real game for xmas, and we've been playing a lot of it.

Speaking of xmas, another one of those has come and gone. Santa was good to you this year, as were your parents, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, etc, etc. But in spite of being the only kid handy to spoil like crazy, you so far manage to stay unspoiled. You actually were as interested in giving presents and seeing the reactions those got than getting presents of your own. Some of the presents you picked out on your own  with your Mom and I, some you bought at the bazaar at your old school, and some you made all on your own.

In other news, you've started something completely new this month: sleepwalking. You woke us up one night when we heard loud noises in the middle of the night coming from the basement stairs, and it turned out to be you coming back up from a little foray down there with the lights off. I think you got out of bed, went downstairs, used the bathroom, and then came up to stand in our doorway, dragging a blanket from the basement with you. It must have been a cold sleepwalk. We'll be keeping an eye on that one.

Lastly, there will be a few changes coming related to your Mom and my work life. To date, since you came into our lives, your Mom has not worked, but first stayed home with you until you were old enough to go to school, and then volunteered a lot at your school. Now you've switched schools, and she might not have the opportunity to help out as much, so it looks like she'll be working more to help out. And there's been a bit of a wrinkle at my work. I am about to start a new job, and while it wasn't of my choosing, I am going to use the opportunity to start over somewhat. So no more of these crazy long days, trips out of town a lot. I will be home earlier, and might even have the opportunity to pick you up from school sometimes.

Here's to hoping the weather starts getting colder and we get more snow, so we can start doing some of the winter activities you love and keep asking for. We've got skating, downhill skiing and ice fishing to do!

Love you lots,