Wednesday, March 07, 2012

letter to trinity: 80 months

Dear Trinity,

I thought I'd spend a few minutes giving you an update on those electives I talked about last month. I need to repeat how much we really love that new school of yours. They took you to a number of fun things last month; gymnastics, and swimming. The only update about that last one  is that you have been repeatedly asking to sign up for swimming lessons. You can already swim like a fish, but the lessons might be fun for you. Stand by on that one. The elective I want to talk about was one that the school not only let me be involved in, but asked for help with, as apparently there weren't that many skating Moms/Dads available for this one. So I took the afternoon off, and got to skate with your class, helping tie laces up, pick up fallen down classmates, and generally watching you skate circles around the other kids your age. I will also admit to getting some guilty pleasure out of watching you show off your Dad to your new school chums. I love how much you love me. Someday, you'll shake your head at me being validated this way, but as much as being a parent is reward enough, it is nice to know how much you love your Dad.

A little more on that gymnastics thing. After realizing how much you loved the elective, we signed you up for regular sessions at another local club. You used to go in the before-school days, as part of 'the things we had you do in order to socialize with other kids' plan. You loved it back then and are at least as big a fan now. I think its the trampoline that you like the most. The things you were most anxious about were the balance beam and the climbing rope, so again, it was with no small amount of pride that I took a pic of you clambering up the rope, going hand over hand like a little monkey.

Here's a thing that we hastily realized was a mistake. When the tv is on and you are around/awake, we have made a collective decision to put on only kid-friendly shows, and we err on the side of caution. So its kid's channels, or movies that we've seen before, knowing they're ok for you to watch. We don't put on anything remotely inappropriate (insert argument here about introducing you to Doctor Who not that long ago, but I still stand behind that action). We've even become those people who take our content decisions on the road with us, something that your Mom's Dad finds inordinately frustrating, as we ask him to change the channel every time we come into his house. Its most often the news, and based on the way the news cycle works, that is almost always something that no 6 year old should have to watch. But the mistake part: We thought we'd break our own rule to let you watch a game show that we figured would be safe. So it wasn't until we got you really interested in watching the Family Feud that we realized every second survey question had a double-entendre, or poorly veiled sexual innuendo inside it. I think the first time you guessed stripper before the contestants did was the moment I realized our error.

I teased last month about a trip that we were planning on taking, and we're committed to it now. Wait for it: The Brown Family is going to Disneyworld. I don't think they're going to be ready for us, but we're going anyways. So in April we're going to go down for 4 days to the happiest place on earth and see if it lives up the hype. I am looking forward to seeing the experience as its reflected in your eyes. I am sure I'll have fun too, but this is the sort of thing that's all about making memories. It will be your first trip on a plane, your first trip to another country (not counting the handful of times we went across the border when we lived down south).

One last thing. You and I experienced a pretty nasty cold this past month. I think took a good three weeks to run its course with you, and as I type this, I still have a piece of it. So, I did something that I hadn't yet done before. You and I took a sick day together while your Mom went to work, something that she's only very recently taken to doing on a very part-time basis. But it meant that our house was a Sick Bay for just the two of us for the day. We both camped out on the couch, feeling sorry for ourselves, watching movies, colouring, and convalescing together. I think we both had way too much fun, but it made us forget how sick we were for a bit.

See you next month,

Love Daddy