Tuesday, September 04, 2012

letter to trinity: 86 months

Dear Trinity,

This month, we wrapped up an interesting summer. It was the first one where your Mom and I both worked, and there was some juggling to make sure you were looked after. I was off a lot in August to accommodate, and I loved the time off you and I spent together. We did the usual stuff; swimming at the lake, day trips to town, visits to the park, a few play dates with your friends. We had gotten you a starter archery set (suction cups only!) and we taught each other to shoot. You're pretty good. I intend to learn the real thing myself, and once I know, and its safe, I plan to teach you how to shoot a real bow as well. We also managed to have a few interesting conversations and I thought I'd start there.

You and I were up late one evening, and we'd been looking at the stars. You are aware of my fascination with science fiction, space travel, and the possibility of life elsewhere. We were talking about how many stars there are in just our own local galaxy, and I am pretty sure that at seven, you're still struggling with the idea of millions of anything, let alone millions of stars. I struggle myself with that sometimes and I'm pushing forty. But while we were talking, you told me that you thought there must be aliens, because with all those stars, some of them must have planets with life on them. I was proud and a little shocked. I think I was a lot older when I came to the same realization.

We also had an interesting conversation about religion this month. It must have been all that time we had to just hang out. I can't remember what was said exactly, but you came with a question around god, from something that one of your friends had said in an off hand remark. So you asked what 'we' believed, and you knew to ask because you had an inkling of where I stood already. So I did my best to encourage you to be skeptical. To understand that people believe in a lot of different things, which really boils down to everyone holding more or less the same belief in an unprovable, unknowable, imaginary friend. We talked about some of them believing in one god, some in many, some in none at all. We talked about Thor, Jesus, lots of different people and fictional characters that have been worshipped along man's course in history. "He's kind of a spirit, and spirits don't even exist", was your exact stance on the subject. Again, its a proud moment when I realize that I am raising a smart, critical thinker capable of coming to rationale conclusions on her own.

We managed to do a few other things as well this past month. We spent a weekend at your Grandpa's cottage and that was a lot of fun. You tried your hand at kayaking, went to a Garlic Festival in a local village. It was a good time.

You tried your hand at rock climbing for the first time, after first making a deal that would see me go first. I did, in spite of my fear of heights and prior rock climbing experiences that didn't make me fall in love with the sport. You were a real pro at it, right off the bat. I love your adventurous spirit.

See you next month,

Love Daddy