Friday, October 05, 2012

letter to trinity: 87 months

Dear Trinity,

Well, we're now a month into school, and things are going very well this year. Changing you schools last year was one of the best decisions we've ever made. You are not only not hating school, you are actually enjoying it, and flourishing in your new environment. Its gotten so far, that on the few times that we've offered to drive you into school, (if Mom's going in to your school, for example), you have turned us down in favour of rising the bus, because you enjoy it so much. Who knew?

Its football season for me, and as the only organized sport that I watch regularly (Go, Packers!), its fun to get you guys involved in my pastime. So you recently got into a game of backyard football with Mom and I. You both trounced me pretty good, and you took the whole 'touch' part of touch football a little far, but it was so much fun.

Another one of those 'your so cool' moments happened this month. We were playing some game and I thought I'd throw in a little Star Trek and pretended to 'Mind Meld' you. I put my fingers on your face, started intoning Spock's famous words (My mind to your mind) and you shocked me by finishing the whole thing. I had no idea you were paying that close attention or even would have ever seen the whole thing. Now we do it every once in awhile. I think its funny, your Mom winces mostly good-naturedly, and you are still so cool.

Just know how much your Dad loves you.

Talk to you next month.