Tuesday, November 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 88 months

Dear Trinity,

Some interesting things to talk about this time around.

You've taken lately to talk in your sleep a little bit. Its mostly new for me, so the first few times it happened, it  caught me by surprise. I heard you talking, thought you were awake, so went in to check and heard you garble something totally incomprehensible, roll over and go back to sleep. I'll keep you posted on this one.

One major thing that happened in the past month is your Mom's surgery. She's had some stomach pains over the last months, and it turns out her gall bladder was defective, and causing her a lot of trouble. So she had it removed in early October, and this facilitated a night at the hospital, and some convalescence at home. It has been strange for you seeing your Mom out of action, unable to do the things you have always been used to. But you have been an absolute trooper about it, being brave and helping out when you can.

We got to spend some more time with my side of the family this month. It was your Grandpa's 65th birthday this month, and everyone travelled to meet up somewhere central to everyone. So your Grandpa and his wife met us and your Aunt and cousins. We all went for dinner, and ended up staying at a hotel and spending some time in the pool. You were pretty upset when it was time for the visit to end, so we've planned a future trip down to your Aunt's place for December. That should be fun.

Another Halloween has come and gone as well, and this year, you were less anxious about it than you had been in previous years. You like the idea of it, but find a lot of the decorations and rituals scary. When I actually thought it through, I realized that's not that surprising after all. I like scary stuff, and have always loved Halloween. I think the dressing up as something else has always been the biggest draw for me. Costumes are fun! But this year, you decided to go as a vampire, and got to go around the neighbourhood with your best friend from down the road.  Its really cool to go around to people we already know, because we don't second guess anyone's intentions, and you already feel safe and comfortable with them. I can't imagine taking you around to areas that we don't know anyone now.

It should be a fun month ahead for us. Santa Claus parade, Parent Teacher interviews, we're looking to some activities to get you involved in. You've asked me to look into a Daddy-Daughter Yoga class again, and I'm doing my best to find one for us. I'll let you know how that goes. 

I love you, 



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