Thursday, December 06, 2012

letter to trinity: 89 months

Dear Trin,

So this month, we've managed to fit in some fun stuff. The weather is cooler now, and all of our fun outdoor toys are put away until the spring. We are working on getting some colder weather activities ramped up for you though. We went to the ski exchange this month, and bought you some downhill equipment. You've loved downhill skiing the last few years that I've been taking you, and this year, we're going to put you in regular lessons, and help you to get more confident about the sport. Your Mom is freaked out about you hurting yourself, but we dress appropriately; helmets, etc, and you are very cautious. I think you'll be fine, and I hope to help instill a lifelong love of outdoor sports in you. And it could always be worse: you could be interested in hockey.

We took you to see not one, but two Santa Claus parades this year. The first one, was the same as it has been every year we've taken you previously: the crowd is quiet, the floats are more or less the same as the ones they had last year, and the only real bright spot for you is the heavy man in the red suit always seeming to find you where you are in the crowd and send a genuine smile and a wave in your direction. We also took you to something new, in an evening parade a few weeks later. This one was so much more fun. All the floats were lit up, and it seemed like everyone in the little town we went to attend this thing in were a part of the festivities. We'll definitely go back.

And its funny. With christmas coming this month, I find it interesting that you've been quiet about the whole santa claus thing. I never thought that I would raise a child to believe in the fellow at all, but that was an argument I lost a very long time ago with your mother. I did (and still do) say that I would never, ever lie to you about what I believed, and so far the peace has been kept because you've never asked. You will someday, and I will tell you the truth. You deserve nothing less from me.

We took you to see Wreck it Ralph this month, and it immediately became your favourite animated movie (and mine) next to Brave. There was of course a video game tie in, and you very quickly got really good at it. Even made the high score list along with some of the movie's characters. I put the game on my phone and your mother's, and we've had a few head to head battles. You legitimately beat me, in fact. First time for everything.

We went to have our Parent Teacher interviews with your Grade 2 teacher, and continue to be pleased with our choice to switch your school last year. Your teacher this year really seems to like you, and under her guidance, you've really come out of the shell you were in at your old school. You take part in class activities, you have more confidence, and ask more questions. We don't just know it from talking to your teacher; we see it at home all the time now. But its nice to have it validated while talking with her.

I am going to have the same 2 weeks off that you will very soon. I wasn't sure how time off with your mother would work over the holidays, so I just booked the whole two weeks off. I am looking forward to it, but I also want to make sure that you have enough to do. Nothing worse than you getting bored, and then bemoaning what little you got to do once you do return to school. So we'll take you to your first ski lesson I spoke of, maybe go swimming once or twice. We also have a road trip to your Grandpa's cottage, so we can stay with them while your Aunt and cousins are also there. I think that will be fun.

Talk to you in the new year.